Palo Cedro Community Church Pastor Jeff Needleman and wife Alice share some of the church’s history and reveal the couple’s journey in their ministry life.

In January of 1955, a small group of Palo Cedrons came together to a start a church—Palo Cedro Community Church (aka PC3). As PC3 grew, it built its landmark building across the street from Holiday Market. But as the times and our culture changed, the little church struggled. Nevertheless, they continued to seek ways to reach out to the community and to those in need. Their long-term leader and Pastor, David Rogers passed away in September 2011.

New pastor, Jeff Needleman was in the final processes of being hired to replace Pastor Rogers in late 2011 when Fran Rogers asked to become their leader. She did so in 2012, and under her tenure in 2014, the decision was reached for the need to sell the beloved building they called home for so many years. Soon afterward, Mrs. Rogers retired and moved out of state.

During this time, the small congregation discovered that a church is really not a building, but a group of people with a common cause! This small remnant of the faithful made the decision to keep Palo Cedro Community Church alive and to seek a fresh start. They met wherever possible; at one point, even spending six months at a local pizza parlor. Eventually, they rented a small building.

After Fran Rogers retired, PC3 was eventually able to locate an interim pastor attending Simpson University. For almost two years Pastor Craig Puljan taught the faithful remnant about the need for change, both as a church and as individuals!

As his time came to end at Simpson and at PC3, it became time to locate a permanent Pastor. Then, at the beginning of this past summer, PC3 called a new pastor to help revitalize this small church. Through a series of divine appointments, a chance meeting and other coincidences (which the new pastor likes to call “Godcidences”), God called the Needleman’s out of the desert and back to their beloved Redding area.

During the intervening years, Jeff and Alice Needleman became certified North American Mission Board church planters and established a successful church in a small town in Nevada. Their desire has always been to help people establish and deepen their relationship with God and with others. PC3, an old church with a new vision now has the goal to guide others into knowing and learning about God, and making a difference in the lives of others and the communities around us.

Jeff became a believer in 1989. Having come from a Jewish background, he had no preconceived notions about Christianity. Prior to following God’s quiet yet insistent call into full-time ministry, Jeff led worship at several churches with ever-expanding roles.

Jeff left the corporate Telecom world and returned to school, attending a private Christian University in Redding, CA, where he earned a Liberal Arts Degree; Magna Cum Laude. He worked his way through college as a Worship Pastor, as well as teaching music to private students and at a local private high school. Additionally, he was head of the A/V department at Simpson Christian University where he developed and taught sound engineering classes and provided seminars at local churches.

After college, Jeff accepted a position at a local regional church as Worship & Associate Pastor where he began to formulate and develop a successful ministry model for reaching and teaching new and seasoned believers. That model is based upon Jeff’s deep and abiding love for God and His people, and the firm belief in the priesthood of all believers. His ability to help and serve expresses itself in his desire to empower and motivate each member to use the gifts God has given them as they learn to love, grow and serve!

Jeff’s creative leadership in the private and corporate sectors, his highly rewarded business expertise and sales background, coupled with his pastoral, church-ministry and musical background provides him the experience and maturity that allows him the vision to lead and to teach how to become solid Christians who love and honor God and each other.

Jeff and his wife Alice, both believe that each of us is affected by our past in both positive and negative ways, but when God’s forgiveness is accepted, we are washed clean of the negative mistakes and wrong choices we’ve made and are restored! Their vision is for PC3 to be a safe haven for those seeking a healthy and growing relationship with God, with themselves, and with others.

Alice, a credentialed teacher is Jeff’s partner in ministry, with an extra special touch with kids, has a great heart for people and is the oil in the wheels of church administration.

Jeff and Alice have three grown boys and one grandson. The oldest, Adam, his wife Becky and their son Max live in Napa. Noah lives in Nashville and has a very successful musical career in the secular and non-secular worlds. Their youngest, Jeremy lives in Los Angeles. Jeff loves spending time with his wife and kids, is most definitely a cat person, loves to share the Word of God, enjoys laughing and teasing his friends, and continues to play music at every opportunity.

Palo Cedro Community Church is located at 22044 Palo Way in Palo Cedro. Sunday Morning Service starts at 9:40 with fellowship and coffee, 10:00 Worship, 11:45 Sunday School and Children Ministries beginning after offering. For more information go to the website at