By Palomino Armstrong

Once again my heart feels like it has been shattered into a million tiny pieces. Early Wednesday morning, Matt backed in the trailer to our loading area and I went to get Frosty and Braveheart.

To my horror, I noticed something was wrong with Braveheart. Just the night before he had been be-bopping around and feeling great. But this morning, something was terribly wrong. His poor little face was swollen halfway up, and you could tell he was done.

It took a minute to realize that overnight he had become 100% blind. He was struggling horribly and extremely frantic at losing his sight. Of course I called Doc immediately, and she came out to see what had happened.

The most likely explanation is due to the fact that his eye had been so horribly infected for so many months, (if not years), that he had probably had an abscess that for some unknown reason decided to burst during the night, and it caused the immediate blindness. Doc’s other thought was that it could have been an aneurysm, but in either case, the way he was standing with his head down would account for the swelling of the soft tissue.

His eye was still perfect from the surgery. But my beloved Braveheart went from feeling great to absolutely miserable. Whatever happened last night had been traumatic and my sweet boy was done. I knew even before Doc arrived that his beautiful life would end on this day. The tears ran as I tried to comfort him until she arrived.

So instead of loading up Braveheart, Frosty, Shadow and Dabubbles, we spent the day taking care of Braveheart for the last time. It was devastating beyond measure to let him go, but it was our final gift to him. The only comfort I can find is the fact that he was so happy here and absolutely loved not having to fight for his food and to know so much love.

The happier news is that Shadow went to her new home yesterday and she is settling in well. We are already getting happy reports from her new place. Frosty is also settling in to his new place and already has a new friend. That warms my heart as he was kind of a loner, and he has a beautiful white gelding he is hanging out with. So that is definitely great news.

While we were in South Dakota we had purchased panels for the mission, and were planning to bring them home for the “blind pen”. Unfortunately when it came time to bring them home we simply could not afford to. So we sold them back instead. It was definitely not a happy decision, but we ended up using the funds we got back from the panels to finish what we had to do in South Dakota and to bring the horse kids here and get them the care and special feed etc. they needed.

I am working on individual Thank You’s, but as usual I am far behind. I want everyone to know that every single penny is so much appreciated and remind folks of how many lives y’all have saved. Unfortunately in our world it just doesn’t seem to stop. But God is not only blessing us with folks like you who show your love and support for His creatures, but He is also blessing us with good homes for the ones we save. So please know that not a penny is taken for granted and I am working literally round the clock at this point. 3 babies doesn’t seem like much but they still want their milk every few hours and really don’t care if mom gets any sleep. lol

We need to raise funds for another delivery to the northern most border of Idaho. We need roughly $2000 for transportation, and 6 more horses will have their forever homes. These horses will be part of an amazing program where troubled kids have their hearts and souls healed by/through equine therapy working with the wild horses. Diesel, Lacy, Donkey, Chester, Loves Legacy and another wild mustang named Buddy will be heading out, (hopefully on the 22nd if we raise the transport funds).

Once we get the next batch of horses to their new homes, we will have the two little ones Sapphire and Stormy (who have potential adopters), Anicka and her seeing eye horse Diamond Dancer, Midnight Onyx (our blind ones from the ISPMB rescue), Honey Bandit, the twins Lucky and Spartan, Denny, and DaBubbles, (our little therapy man) and we are scheduled to pick up two additional miniature horses who needed rescued in the next week or so.

And baby season is just beginning. As I write this I am on standby for an approximately 3 week old colt whose mama was killed by a car today.

So the kids just continue to keep coming, and since most of ours end up being special needs, we cannot thank you enough for keeping this amazing journey a success. Your donations make it all happen.

So please, stay with us and lets “keep strong and rescue on”. YOU are the reason these lives are being saved. We so appreciate your love and support and we will continue to share the stories of the lives you are saving and the difference you make for each and every horse we bring in. Some times the end result is simply giving the horse the gift of knowing what it feels like to be safe, have enough to eat and leave this earth peacefully, and those are the hardest ones. Those are the ones that make me want to quit, but I know that whatever God puts in front of us we need to take care of. So we cry for days, and then put on our big girl panties and “git ‘er done”.

Thank you for being part of this!


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