Palomino, Matt going in two directions to care and deliver horses


By Palomino Armstrong

It’s been non stop crazy for Matt and I lately. While Matt was delivering horses and picking up the latest group in South Dakota, I was driving 3 hours each way to Fallon to re-sort and help load out the Virginia Range Horses that I sorted in South Dakota. They have been gelded, hoofers done and had their blood work done so they were ready for their final ride to freedom on a huge sanctuary in NV.

I was contacted by my friend Anna about a two day old baby mustang who needed 24/7 care. Diesel is an orphan off the range who was getting repeatedly kicked to the ground by several stallions as well as the mare in the vicinity. Proper authorization to pick up the baby was received and Anne Hall and Anna Orchard came to the rescue. I met Anna out in Fernley and picked up our little guy. As I would be up all night with him, I stayed at our friend Betty Retzer’s place in Stagecoach with Diesel. She was an angel and let me bring him into her place (in diapeys of course as it was an emergency) for the night. He was extremely colicky and we spent the night with enemas, the bottle and lots of walking and moving around. It was a long night and I had to be back in Fallon early the next morning to help load more horses.

Luckily “aunty Cat” (Cathy Kindsfather) came out and stayed up all night with us and helped me take care of him. By morning (of course – no sleep for us lol) he was feeling a bit better and we had achieved the much sought after poop πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

At the same time, Matt was in South Dakota and he also was caring for a critically ill foal. Unfortunately this little one did not make it. So many people came together for her, but one of the hardest things to learn is that sometimes our job is only to provide love, all medical support available, comfort and a safe and peaceful place for that baby to be until the angels come for it. We simply do not get to save them all, and it absolutely kills you.

Elaine and Barbara picked the little one up and took care of her, including having a local vet tend to her, and then Matt went and picked her up. Karen Sussman was kind enough to let us use her trailer again for critical care and she gave the baby the additional medicine that was needed. So many folks came together to help this baby and that is how it always should be.

Matt spent hours giving critical care, and the baby ate hungrily (little bits at a time between resting) and then finally was able to stretch out and take a real nap. She had been having horrific pains in her tum earlier and it was such a relief for Matt to have her sleeping comfortably.

Unfortunately she crashed again later that afternoon (as they so often do) and Matt rushed her to the Emergency Vet. She received plasma and fluids and was semi-stable when Matt headed back to the trailer for his all night vigil. By the next morning she was crashing again, and I received the broken hearted phone call from Matt that she was gone. The pain in his voice tore at my heart as when you fight so hard and spend every minute trying to help them it hurts so much when you lose them.

There are so many things that can go wrong when you are doing critical foal care. Time is so critical for each and every step and you think they are finally starting to stabilize and then they simply crash in seconds. There is little you can do at that point, but try and remember that sometimes, you can’t save them.

You give everything you can to make sure their last hours/days on earth are spent with full tummies, peaceful surroundings where they have no fear and surrounded by love while they are there. Although it breaks your heart into a million tiny shards, it is such a gift to that baby to not be cold, alone and afraid.

The next day he loaded up Braveheart, Midnight Onyx and Frosty and headed home. As though things weren’t hard enough, he lost not only a tire but the entire wheel on the trailer on the way home. So that was another emergency expense. Chilly Pepper has been hit hard lately, but so many lives are being saved and that is what is important. We need lots of help financially, but y’all have saved so many lives. Allowing us to be in South Dakota and part of the mission to find homes for the horses has helped saved over 800 horses. That was because of you and your love and support. So any time I think about what we did, I think about YOU ALL and how YOU MADE IT POSSIBLE! Everytime I look at the blind kids out there, my heart melts as I thank God for sending me such amazing love and support which allows us to give these horses a life.

You guys rock! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this possible. We love visitors so call and come out and see the lives you have saved. As you can see by Braveheart’s pix from yesterday, he will need some serious groceries and TLC. But he is in the right place and of course we are already in love with him. πŸ™‚

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