By Palomino Armstrong

Please forgive me if this is poorly written. I am sitting in the hospital (actually after care at Renown Skilled Nursing). There are some pain meds involved, so hopefully you will have patience with any grammatical errors.

WOW – What an adventure. Matt and I were prepping to pick up the 14 babies y’all came through for. 

It was Sunday and we were maybe 10 minutes from pulling out of the driveway. I was in the office grabbing my purse when I took a step and “snap”. I had been on my crutches for about a week and my leg felt like it was going to snap every now and then. The last time it felt like this they had to add cadaver bone. I didn’t think it actually would break, but it did. Shown above you can see the initial hardware below the break.

So instead of heading out with both trucks and trailers, we sat waiting for the ambulance to come. We still had to pull the babies, but obviously, I wasn’t going anywhere. We immediately called my neighbor Ammy Gorsuch and she and her hubby came over right away. She would immediately take on providing Hope and Gypsum’s milk and their care.

So Matt and I both got to go to the hospital in Winnemucca, and then went our separate ways. I had to go to Reno for surgery, and Matt headed out to Washington to pick up the babies. As usual, the number was nowhere near close, and Matt picked up 22 babies from the shipper, in addition to another youngster waiting for us at Mel’s. So now we had 23 babies to bail, get vetted and it was no longer Matt and I with two rigs.

As usual, Matt stepped up and “got ‘er done”. We have a pretty good set up at Mel’s to get the younger ones vetted, and although Matt wanted to be home with me, as usual, we just had to do what was needed. (When Matt was in the hospital having his knee replaced several years ago, I was on the road saving Cowboy.).

Thankfully we have some amazing folks who are helping adopt these kids out and taking on some for their 4-H projects. We want to thank everyone who not only made it happen financially (the cost was roughly $5,750) but also everyone who stepped up and took on the physical care of these babies.

At this time we have 18 at home in NV. We have some special needs, some waiting for adoption, and some of them are permanent kids at Chilly Pepper and we need to provide them the care they came for. As soon as I get home and can safely do so, we need to get Kyle, the Blonde Belgian, checked out for his front legs, the stallion gelded and multiple other chores were done. Then we can start getting ready for winter.


Special thanks to Mel, Kenny & Cam, at the Yakima Foal Orphanage and to Helen & Marla of Thunder Mountain, and Kim Clark and the rest of our angels out there. There are so many more folks involved in each and every one of these rescues, Wendi Clark, Dannielle Dawn Dustin, Theresa Bowman, just to mention a few. WE are not the ones saving all these horses. It is ALL OF Y’ALL, and ALL of the folks who step up and take on the responsibility of finding these kids a home instead of leaving them to load up in the slaughter truck.

Thank you for all the love and support and all the lives you’ve saved! We could not do this without you!

To our monthly donors, Due to joining WIN, our tax ID number changed. We appreciate all the ongoing support and are asking you (with so much love and appreciation) to please transfer it to the new Paypal – as we will be closing the old PayPal account. Thank you so much for being part of the Chilly Pepper family.

I apologize for the lack of clear photos. However, Matt and the gang were pretty focused on keeping the kids safe while they were being vetted, so we pulled this off a quick video.

23 pu end of 2017

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