Palomino continues to care and distribute her babies to good homes


by Palomino Armstrong

Today we are taking six babies to the vet (all ISPMB special needs babies) for their health certificates. Tomorrow they leave for their new lives.

Two of them are headed to New York, and Matt will be delivering four of them to Naples, ID. Fortunately they are headed to an amazing home where they will be part of a children’s program, thus enriching not only their lives but some pretty amazing kids as well. Unfortunately, part of this placement is getting them there.

Then he will head over to Montana to pick up a family that we pulled from ISPMB and he will be taking those down near Twin Falls ID. This placement also is based upon us providing transportation. As these are “Chilly Pepper” kids, there is no help for transport, and he will be driving a total of 2,250 miles and change, so he can end up back at ISPMB.

Then it will be over an additional 1000 miles and Matt will be picking up 3 special needs kids. One of them is the black stallion shown above. MidnightOnyx spends a great deal of his time beating up the other horses and he is blind as a bat. So he obviously will need some special care and separate housing at first.

He will also be bringing Frosty back home, (the other black stallion that is blind). In addition he is bringing Braveheart aka Miracle home.

So we will need help with fuel to get all these kids placed and in their forever homes, and then to get the new kids home.

We also have great news for Shadow. Our beautiful little blind girl is heading to Illiniois (and yes, we have to get her there). However, it is a miracle for her as she will be going to an amazing rescue who has the ability to help her “see”. More on that to follow.

So we will be putting over 6500 miles on to get these horse kids where they need to be. Of course that will save 30 years of feeding, caring for and vet expenses for each one, with the exceptions of our new special needs.

We also need to stock up on Foal Lac Powder, Pellets and baby supplies as we know that season is here. We need to be ready for any emergency calls we get.

On a sad note, we arrived home to find out that sometime in February we had over $1000 worth of tools stolen from the rescue. Kind of breaks your heart when you are off doing what God put in front of you and that happens. We always make sure that if we are off on a “mission”, that folks know there is always someone here.

So if anyone can help we would sure appreciate it. The babies survived, once again, thanks to your love and support and now their new lives begin. We are looking forward to the new kids but there will certainly be some challenges. Please send lots of prayers for safety in this next endeavor.

DSC 1564.NEF

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