Dear Editor:

At a time when organic and or fresh fruit and veggies can seem expensive next to canned from China or frozen from so far away place is cheaper than food grown here in California. We might consider some of the why to that. It has been called ugly or misfit fruit and veggies. If the item is not perfectly shaped it is discarded. I mean thrown away or plowed back under. Let us encourage our local farmers market growers, Holiday, Orchard Nutrition, Safeway, Winco, Trader Joes, Food Max, Raleys to include ugly or misfit fruit and veggies for sale to us and buy them. Children find some of the shapes amusing and different. Why do we want to throw away something because it is not perfectly shaped according to some set standard. These standards are frequently set by shippers for ease of packaging by the way.

So if you have an opportunity to buy a differently shaped fruit or veggie consider giving it a try. It make take a bit more thought to peel or cut but you have saved a piece of fruit of veggie from being thrown away. 
I look forward to our local fruit and veggie stands and produce in the park coming soon to our area.  
Blessings and well being
Susan Bradfield,
Palo Cedro