Palo Cedro Park Neighborhood Watch group forms informative community meeting

The more united we are, the stronger we’ll be. Let’s STAND UP to crime in our community!

Based on public interest, the Palo Cedro Park Neighborhood Watch group will be having a public community meeting, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Friday, June 30, 2017, at Good Times Pizza in the large banquet room. Kids are welcome to attend the meeting.

This first meeting will consist of introductions, refreshments and a talk from Shasta County Sheriff Bosenko.  The group will also begin to develop a map/index of its resident with contact information. Those attending will hear what to look out for in certain situations and how community members can report it.

The Palo Cedro Park “” alliance will be the focus of this meeting; however, any Palo Cedro resident and local businesses are encouraged to attend.

During the meeting, the watch group will be inviting the nearby neighborhoods to hope that Block Captains will emerge from these groups and take action to get their own neighborhood watch programs up and running.

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program which enlists the participation of residents in cooperation with law enforcement to reduce crime. It involves—neighbors getting to know each other and working together in a program of mutual assistance. Residents trained to recognize and report suspicious activities; and implementation of crime prevention techniques. Neighborhood Watch does NOT entail patrols or frequent meetings.