These Sheriff Reports are daily condensed records kept by the county sheriff’s office of disturbances, police reports, and other reported criminal activity for the communities east of Redding.

 Sept 7

  • A resident in the 11900 Best Lane in Bella Vista to state landlord is stealing her food, and other items in her house.
  • A customer arrived at a business in the 22000 block of Old 44 Drive in Palo Cedro for physical therapy appointment to find door to business open, no lights on inside and no one around.
  • A resident in the 9700 block of Yuki Yama Lane in Palo Cedro called to state neighbor is shooting and the bullets are flying through the caller’s yard towards his house. Call taker can hear shots in background.
  • A call was received at 7:05 p.m. from the 21900 block of Old Hwy 44 Drive in Palo Cedro to report a subject appears to be intoxicated and is stumbling around off the roadway. Last seen sitting off the side of the roadway near the curve and neighbor’s residences.
  • A call was received at 11:25 p.m. calling on behalf of her friend who doesn’t have a phone and is housesitting at the 12100 block of Neal Lane in Bella Vista. Friend states she can hear noises outside the house, as if someone is walking around the house. Nothing seen.

Sept 8

  • A resident in the 30500 block of Sleepy Hollow Drive in Shingletown called to state neighbors are outside yelling obscenities and throwing items into caller’s yard. Subjects are standing on the fence, looking over and yelling.
  • A male called to report he was just threatened by a female neighbor in the Cedar Crest and Plateau Pines Roads of Shingletown. Caller heard the female cock a possible 12 gauge shot gun. Caller did not see the gun due to the trees. Caller back at his own house.
  • A resident in the 7600 block of Pegnan Rd in Shingletown called to report an irate female caller to state that her neighbors are shooting at her house again. When attempting to get further information female started screaming, placed on hold and then disconnected.

Sept 9

  • A resident in the 14200 block of Bear Mountain Rd in Jones Valley called to report a neighbor just threatened caller’s boyfriend with a hatchet, stated he was going to hit caller boyfriend with it. Parties separated now, male still yelling in parking lot.
  • A resident in the 29100 block of South Cow Creek Rd in Whitmore called to state her daughter took her keys from her house and left in the caller’s Chevy SUV Captiva, believes she is going to Redding to get drugs.

Sept 10

  • A resident in the 10700 block of Northgate Drive in Palo Cedro called at 4:39 a.m. to report hearing loud bang east of caller’s house. Unknown caused it.
  • An employee from a business in the 21900 block of Hwy 299 E in Bella Vista to report two suspicious subjects with a dog in a black Toyota Solara. Subjects appear to be loitering near business.
  • A resident in the 9800 block of Hillview Drive in Palo Cedro called to report unlocked vehicle was broken into and wallet stolen, bank card was used and caller is in the process of cancelling the cards.
  • A bypasser called to report a female appears to be on drugs or has mental problems, that she is dragging blankets and a pill and will stop periodically and lay down in the roadway approximately ½ way between 299 E and Elvina and Livona in Bella Vista. Caller is standing by his call, but concerned female will enter roadway and possibly get struck by a passing vehicle.

Sept 11

  • A resident in the 7700 block of Bass Pond Rd in Millville called to report she has surveillance of subjects coming down driveway and stashing dirtbike on property, subjects came back with vehicle later and picked it up.
  • A resident in the 7000 block of Mill Creek Rd in Shingletown call while out of town. His family watching house and states it was burglarized.

Sept 12

  • A resident in the 7700 block o Bass Pond Rd in Millville called to report a male just stole her weed eater from her backyard.  Last seen driving in a red SUV headed towards Antlers. White male bald and no shirt, female blonde.
  • An employee of a business in the 12000 block of Deschutes Rd in Bella Vista called to report approximately 400 gallons of diesel stolen from backup generator on site on 9/9. Fence cut but not gate or lock, over $1200 of loss.
  • A resident in the 21700 block of Old 44 Drive in Palo Cedro called to report being a victim of fraud as a result of Equifax incident.
  • A man drove by a residence in the 9300 block of Mountain Meadow Rd in Shingletown to report seeing two subjects loading up a snow blower in a small trailer that was attached to a red/black ATV/Quad. Caller states listed subject has continually went onto late father’s property and is stealing items and selling them.

Sept 13

  • A call was received to request the welfare of son in the 22000 block of Carlie Drive in Bella Vista that they received texts the previous night from 11 year old juvenile stating drove a truck and crashed it on property. Also stating father had been passed out/ vomiting, and father has been suicidal.
  • A call was made to report seeing a black Chevy pickup occupied by two white females, 20’s with blond hair. Subjects have been continuing to drive around the neighborhood of Figaro and Shasta Forest Drives in Shingletown. They stopped at several houses, and have tried walking up to several. Believes casing houses.

Sept 14

  • A resident in the 27000 block of Backbone Rd in Round Mountain called to report she purchased solar batteries from a suspect off Craigslist for $1100. Caller states that batteries are 22 years old, not what the suspect originally stated.
  • A resident in the 10700 block of Beaver Rd in Millville called to report unknown subject tried to use debit card. Debit card was linked to Best Buy card, subject tried to use it in Washington.
  • A call was received to report a male—white male with no shirt and jeans walking around parking lot looking into vehicles in the 9300 block of Deschutes Rd in Palo Cedro.

Sept 15

  • No reports

Sept 16

  • A call was received from the 24200 block of  Hwy 44 in Millville to report niece is stealing caller’s items from shared residence that caller is moving into.
  • A resident in the 21200 block of Lela Lane in Bella Vista called to report nephew’s girlfriend is at the house causing a fight and refusing to leave when asked.
  • A call was received from the 30900 block of Bambi Drive in Shingletown to report a subject borrowed caller’s deceased mother’s Subaru Frontier the previous day. Was supposed to return that morning and has not. Caller believes subject has stolen the car.

Sept 17

  • A call was received from a house that is being remodel in the 8500 block of Savannah Way in Shingletown that all his tools on the site were stolen.