On Sept. 13, 2017, at 2:45 p.m., Redding Fire Department, CHP Air-Operations and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Boating Safety Unit were dispatched to a river rescue in the main channel of the Sacramento River, southeast of Kutras Lake (Park Marina boat launch).  Victim Frankie Grogan (58 years), of Colorado, her dog and her paddleboard were stuck on an island in the main channel.  Redding Fire Department personnel were able to locate and communicate with Grogan.  Deputies launched a patrol boat and were able to locate Grogan within minutes.  Grogan was safe and unhurt.  Grogan and her dog were transported back to the Park Marina boat ramp.   

Grogan had been paddleboarding with her dog on Kutras Lake.  Grogan did not have a life jacket, but Grogan’s dog was wearing a life jacket. Grogan paddled to the north and unknowingly exited Kutras Lake. Grogan got into the main channel of the Sacramento River but was not able to handle the rough water with the current.  Grogan was able to make it to an island, but Grogan was not confident in her ability to make it to shore. Grogan called out to people on Redcliff Drive to call for help. 

Grogan was issued a citation for not having a life jacket aboard a paddleboard. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind recreational paddleboarders that they are required to have a life jacket onboard while on the water and recommend a life jacket be worn while on the river.