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Community members listen to a presentation by Brad Seiser.

By Judy La Russa,

Monday evening, close to two hundred of Palo Cedro, Bella Vista and east Redding area community members converged into the North Cow Creek School gym to share their thoughts, concerns and to listen to the committed team organizers of the “No Re-Zoning for 166 Homes Community”.

The “No Re-Zoning for 166 Homes Community” (No-166 Homes) organization was established to oppose the proposed 166-home suburban subdivision “Tierra Robles”. The development subsidized by a Beverly Hill’s corporation of Robert Geringer—Shasta Red, LLC is being proposed for the rural land located five miles east of the City of Redding, between the unincorporated communities of Bella Vista and Palo Cedro. The 715.4-acre site is bounded by Old Alturas Road to the north and Boyle Road to the south and located 1.6 miles west of Deschutes Road.

Brad Seiser (left) takes a question from a guest on water shortage problems during a fire.

A previous printed opinion piece written by “No-166 Homes” committee organizer and area homeowner Brad Seiser can be found at this link.

During the Monday night meeting, Seiser addressed community members wanting to help understand what this subdivision project will entail. “I do not confess being an expert on these issues, but what we are experts in—is the love for our community,” said Seiser.

The organized meeting touched on basic project topics: traffic and road safety; Bella Vista Water District and water; zoning and parcel size issues; septic and wastewater treatment; and community services district.

With the current parcel average for the area at seven acres and with the new proposed subdivision with an average of

A mom shares her concerns that her children will not be able to play in their rural front yard after the area becomes populated.

fewer than four acres per parcel, gave many citizens at the meeting to voice their concerns. One man shared his experiences with prior fires and is troubled about not having enough water storage, which has already been a problem in the past. Another neighbor was worried about wildlife and habitats. One guest asked if the developers will have considerations for a “Plan B” in case of an emergency—keeping us safe.  One mom shared her concerned about her kids being able to continue to play outside of their rural home.  But, one core topic of concern for most attending the meeting will be the increased speed and traffic that will develop in an already problematic area. The main entrance for the proposed subdivision will be located at Boyle Road and with a secondary location at Old Alturas Road near Seven Lakes making an estimation of 1,774 extra trips per day of traffic.

Seiser urges the citizens to take action, “Politicians will listen through citizen action. This development will go through if you don’t voice your concerns.”    Seiser encourages all with letters, calls and to show up at Shasta County Board of Supervisor meetings.  The Board meets at 9:00 a.m. every Tuesday in the Board of Supervisors Chambers on the second floor of the Shasta County Administration Center, 1450 Court Street, Suite 263, Redding.

For those wanting to be notified of meetings and to receive more information can join the Action Notification List by emailing or call 530-549-4743.