One SAFE Place will offer advocacy training at Shasta College during the upcoming Spring semester 2019. The course will begin on January 23rd and will be held Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30 pm to 7:20 pm throughout the semester.

This 4-unit course – ADJ106 – Domestic and Sexual Violence Intervention – will cover the history, causes, and dynamics of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as existing laws and regulation in California. Guest speakers from local courts, law enforcement, and service agencies will help individuals navigate through the process of finding justice in family violence situations and discover the valuable resources available in our community. The course is specifically designed to provide training to those who may become involved in crisis intervention and victim advocacy, as well as those pursuing a career in law enforcement, organizational management, early childhood education, sociology, psychology, communications, nursing, or social services.

As a special incentive, participants who complete this course may be eligible for a full refund of student registration and unit fees, if they are accepted as a volunteer with One SAFE Place and complete 400 volunteer hours over 6 months on the 24-hour Crisis Hotline. There is a specific need for those volunteers who are from diverse cultural backgrounds or maybe bilingual as well. Volunteers for the Crisis Hotline must be 18 years of age or older.

Curriculum for this class is regulated by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES) as outlined in Penal Code Section 13835.10 and is a prerequisite to becoming a Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Counselor.

For more information on registration, visit or contact Shasta College Admissions at (530) 242-7500.  For information on the Volunteer program or services at One SAFE Place, contact Travis Heide at (530) 244-0117 ext 231.

The mission of One SAFE Place is to provide intervention and safety for a community affected by domestic and sexual abuse.