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What: Legal Action Community Meeting about the Tierra Robles Rural Subdivision

When: Monday, May 21, 2018, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Where: North Cow Creek School Gym, 10619 Swede Creek Road, Palo Cedro

On Monday, May 21, 2018, the community organization of “No Rezoning for 166 Homes” will be holding a legal action meeting to help to inform the community about the Tierra Robles Subdivision.

The community organizing group, who have been diligently working on this cause and representing the community who will be affected, have changed their formal association name on the advice of their law firm from “Citizens for Responsible Rural Development”, to PATROL— “Protect Against Tierra Robles Overdeveloped Lands.” Also, the group will continue to use the know (aka) “No ReZoning for 166 Homes.”

The purpose of the meeting is to come together as a mobilized community to share a status update, fundraiser/raffle for our legal offense fund, have some ice cream and write letters to the Board of Supervisors about our concerns. Everything will be supplied for an informative, fun and empowering evening. All you need to bring is your passion, commitment, and love for our rural community.


A 166-home rural subdivision, “Tierra Robles” is being proposed for the beautiful 716-acre land bordered by Boyle, Old Alturas, Seven Lakes Roads and the bluff area above Deschutes Road. The developer is Robert Geringer—Geringer Capital of Beverly Hills, CA.

Per the DEIR lot maps, parcel sizes range from 1.19 acres to 6.81 acres for an average of 2.8 acres per buildable lot. 109 homes or 65% are one to less than 3-acre parcels vs. 23% in the surrounding community. The remaining 57 homes or 35% are greater than 3 acres vs. 77% in the surrounding community. This demonstrates a subdivision inconsistent and incompatible with the existing zoning and parcel sizes! Therefore, the Board of Supervisors must vote down the required rezoning amendment for the Tierra Robles subdivision!

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) can be viewed at: (The DEIR Public Comment period ended 12/29/17.)

Yet to be announced Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor (BOS) hearings will provide the public an opportunity to express specific, detailed concerns which can influence whether Tierra Robles is revised, stopped, or approved per a soon to be released Final Environmental Impact Report.

166 new homes will add significant water demand to already limited Bella Vista Water District resources, particularly in single and multiple drought years. The DEIR underestimates the yearly water demand needed for these 166 homes – 80 Acre Feet in the DEIR vs. 352 Acre Feet per baseline usage data from the 2015 BVWD Urban Water Management Plan Update.

This water demand error likely negates the sizing and operation of the onsite Wastewater Treatment and Dispersal system that is planned for land that won’t perk for traditional septic systems and which will require the formation of a new, possibly overtasked and underfunded Community Services District (CSD) to be approved by Shasta County LAFCO.

166 new homes will add another 1,774 daily trips and at least 332 cars on already winding, narrow, congested County roads and intersections – some of which already have higher than state average accident rates, which can only go higher given these added daily trips.

The County already has approved, unbuilt projects, let alone new, more expensive traffic mitigation requirements for Tierra Robles that exceed the Developers share of costs, with taxpayers picking up the balance.

Tierra Robles concerns are not limited to incompatible zoning and parcel lot sizes, water and traffic issues, but the added demand on limited Sheriff and Fire services, the elimination of thousands of Blue Oak trees (ironically, Tierra Robles means “Land of Oaks”), and the impact to wildlife and the rural lifestyle that we all cherish and want to protect.