Brad Seiser speaks to supporters

By Judy La Russa

On May 21, 2018, community members converged at North Cow Creek School to attend the Legal Action Community Meeting to launch Legal and Political Will campaigns towards the “No 166 Homes—Tierra Robles”— the proposed subdivision in the Palo Cedro/Bella Vista area.

This project consists of residential Planned Development requiring a Zone Amendment (Z10-002) to change the current zoning from Rural Residential five-acre minimum (RR-BA-5), Rural Residential three-acre minimum (RR-BA-3), and Unclassified (U) to a Planned Development (PD) zone district (Link for information explaining Planned Development Zoning).  This PD zone district will consist in establishing a conceptual development plan covering the entire site; and to divide the 715.4-acre property into 166 residential parcels—ranging from 1.38 acres to 6.81 acres in size, and six open space parcels totaling 190.5 acres.

During the meeting, Protect Against Tierra Robles Overdeveloped Lands (PATROL) committee chair Brad Seiser spoke to the over hundred supporters attending by giving updates to the project progress and asking those attending to help support the cause momentarily. With the theme of “Putting Your Money Where Your Heart Is”, Seiser spoke of a Sacramento environmental law firm of Remy, Moose, Manley LLP that they have contacted to lead the process of evaluating the Final Environmental Impact Report and if warranted, a Ballot Referendum to reverse an approval by the Board of Supervisors.

Josh Hage

Also speaking at the meeting, Palo Cedro homeowner Josh Hage shared a heartwarming story of why he became committed to this cause.  He told the crowd that he thought long and hard about just why this was so important to him and then he realized that it was his love for the rural community of Palo Cedro. “You really don’t understand what Palo Cedro is unless you live here… Palo Cedro really is a community, which is lacking in our society today… The reason I am strongly against this subdivision is that I feel it will threaten this community. If Tierra Robles goes in, okay we will have 800 more people in this area, but what about five, ten years down the road, what new developments will be created from the consequences of this rezoning,” said Hage.

Children of PATROL volunteers serve ice cream to supporters.

After speaking, the committee treated the crowd to ice cream served by children of volunteers, while those attending sign letters urging the Board of Supervisors to oppose the suburban subdivision and made suggested donations of $100 to cover legal costs. All donations are non-tax deductible and nonrefundable and will be deposited with Tri Counties Bank in Palo Cedro. Any residual funds will be donated to the Palo Cedro Community Park.

Next day after the community meeting, Brad Seiser spoke at the Board of Supervisors meeting asking them to visualize where they live and if they would like to see drastic changes to their communities. Seiser later hand delivered 500 opposing letters to each one of the Board member’s offices.

If you would like to stay up to date on the project progress and receive notices of Shasta County Board of Supervisors meetings pertaining to this issue LIKE their Facebook Page Or request to be included in the communication email group


If you were not able to attend the meeting, the PATROL committee invites you to “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is” by donating “$100 for NO 166 Homes “or whatever you can afford. Your donation will power the momentum needed to oppose Tierra Robles.

To donate, please read, fill out and sign PATROL Donation Form with your check, payable to PATROL and send to: PATROL, PO BOX 682, PALO CEDRO, CA 96073.

Also, here is a link to the five pre-written letters addressed to each of the Board of Supervisors. The committee urges you to print, fill out and mail separately to each Board member and please be sure to fill in the Added Comments section to personalize each of these letters.