Millville School has been emphasizing “kindness” on a daily basis over the last two years.  When information was received regarding the “Great Kindness Challenge” it was a perfect fit with the intent of the school to continue to foster a kind and caring school environment. Developed by “Kids for Peace”, “The Great Kindness Challenge” is one week dedicated to creating a culture of kindness on campuses nationwide and internationally.

This week Millville School saw hundreds of acts of kindness initiated between all factions of the school: between students, between staff and students and between staff. Along with performing kindnesses during the week, there were themed dress-up days, as well as lunchtime activities for all students. The lunchtime activities included painting rocks with kind words (which will be hidden in the community for others to find and enjoy), decorating the school with words of kindness and compassion,  creating kindness themed chalk drawings around the school, writing messages of kindness and posting them throughout the school and making cards for grade level friends at neighboring schools. Additionally, students who completed the GKC checklist will add their handprint to a large canvas that will hang in the school halls.

“This was a week filled with so many acts of kindness, we have seen true caring and spontaneous expressions of our students’ good hearts’, declared DeSantis.   ‘The Great Kindness Challenge’ may have lasted only a week but its lessons will be practiced forever.”