Millville School celebrated its 17th Annual Cesar Chavez Wildflower Run and Mexican Arts Day. The event was scheduled to take place on Friday, May 25 but May showers usurped those plans and the Wildflower 

Run was postponed; however, the afternoon events took place as planned. The students of Millville School enjoyed 40 minutes of the Ballet Folklorico 

from Corning High School. Ballet Folklorico performed multiple traditional Mexican dances as well provided the history and meaning behind them. After the dancers departed, students participated in arts and crafts with Mexican roots. Papel Picado (paper cutting), Ojos de Hijos (God’s Eye), Flores de Papel (paper flowers) are some examples of the arts offered in which the students could take part.

As the Wildflower Run was canceled on Friday, the school rescheduled it for Monday morning. Prior to the run, every student designed and created his/her own t-shirt commemorating the day,

The Wildflower Run takes participants on a two-mile course down gently winding Brookdale Road. Under the cover of oak trees and with the scent of wild clover and honeysuckle flavoring the air, students and staff took to the road at the start of the school day. 

“This is my favorite day of the year, and this year it lasted twice as long,” declared 5th grader Kyra Jones.

Upon returning from the two-mile venture, students were treated to orange slices and Otter Pops. The rest of the morning was spent creating life-size chalk murals and designs in the school parking lot. Creating chalk murals is a favorite element of the day’s events and are a colorful reminder of the occasion for many weeks after.