Congratulations to the finalists in the 1st through 8th grades Millville Elementary School Spelling Bee. The winner of each of these bees was not only declared the champion speller of their grade, but will also compete in the Shasta County Spelling Bees, hosted by Millville School in March.

First Grade

First Grade

Quinn Kacalek             1st Place

Paige Abbott               2nd Place

Kenrik Waite               3rd Place

Brooke Sims                4th Place

Rylee Caples                5th Place


Second Grade

Second Grade

Baylee Wusstig           1st Place

Cooper Anderson       2nd Place

Landon Hathaway      3rd Place

Kinley Wilson              4th Place

Kaylene Drenon         5th Place


Third Grade

Third Grade

Chloe Caddell             1st Place

Jessie Tassen              2nd Place

Logan Egan                  3rd Place

Braydon Craig             4th Place

Nolan Rudd                 5th Place


Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Josslyn Lifvendahl   1st Place

Nika Burchfield        2nd Place

Aiden Fernandez     3rd Place

Kayleigh Schroder   4th Place

Carson Anderson    5th Place

Ava Wilson               6th Place


Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

Ava Cole               1st Place

Attison Poole       2nd Place

Wyatt Grace        3rd Place

Kaylin Dresen      4th Place

Trey Drenon         5th Place


Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade

Billy Lifvendahl    1st Place

Grace McQuoid   2nd Place

River Land            3rd Place

Isaiah Cole            4th Place

Elijah Feather       5th Place


Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade

Tristan Taylor       1st Place

Hailey  Holliday    2nd Place

Abigail Huisman   3rd Place

Casey Wells          4th Place

Seth Highet          5th Place


Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade

Shasta Power       1st Place

Brady Barner        2nd Place

Ezra Feather         3rd Place

Elijah Egan            4th Place

Sarah Nelson        5th Place