Dear Editor;
Friends Committee on National Legislation (the Quakers) or FCNL have offered this list for us to Ask our Congressional representatives. Decisions made in the next few years regarding nuclear weapons policy will be shaped in part by what the constituents share with our representatives this election year. Let us consider our positions and make inquiries.

President Obama has proposed a $1 trillion plan to “modernize” the US nuclear arsenal over the next 30 years. This massive investment in new nuclear weapons is immoral, unnecessary and wasteful. Would you (our representative) oppose spending taxpayer dollars on new nuclear weapons?

The Pentagon is developing a new nuclear cruise missile that former Secretary of Defense William Perry has called a “grave mistake”. This weapon could lead to a new arms race. Would you (our representative) support cancelling plans to build  new nuclear cruise missile?
The most serious nuclear threat today comes from not a nuclear war with Russian but from a small “dirty bomb” made from nuclear material acquired on the black market or from unsecured facilities. Yet US funding for nonproliferation programs has stagnated. Would you( my representative) support increases in nonproliferation funding to clean up loose nuclear material around the world?
For me I hold that War is not healthy for children and other living things.
well being to each of us.
Susan Bradfield
Palo Cedro