A man wanted for a felony robbery warrant out of Siskiyou County was arrested in the Walmart parking lot (1515 Dana Drive) early Monday morning.

On July 10, 2017, at 1:12 am, an off-duty Lake Shastina police officer parked in the Walmart parking lot, near the main entrance saw a man he recognized as Daniel Mondragon Casorla, age 26, milling around a parked car.  The off-duty officer knew that Casorla had a felony warrant for robbery out of Siskiyou County.  The officer called SHASCOM dispatch, at which time Redding Police Officer Jeremiah Kasinger arrived.

Officer Kasinger began to pat Casorla down for weapons, at which time Casorla broke free and attempted to escape from the officer.  He made it about twenty feet before Officer Kasinger grabbed him and eventually forced him to the ground after a brief struggle.  Casorla was handcuffed as several back-up officers arrived in the parking lot.

Casorla had several types of narcotics paraphernalia in his vehicle, including hypodermic syringes and methamphetamine pipes.  He is currently on probation out of Siskiyou County for burglary.

A female adult, who was with Casorla, was questioned and released.

Casorla was booked at the Shasta County Jail for resisting arrest, violating the terms of his probation, possession of paraphernalia, and a felony warrant for robbery with a $50,000 bail.