During the July 25, 2017—Shasta County Board of Supervisor monthly meeting, Public Works Director Pat Minturn reported the County Service Area No. 6 – Jones Valley Water (CSA) that provides water to approximately 500 customers in Jones Valley replaced media in two of the CSA’s pressure filters last winter by RTA Construction.  The CSA was insolvent so the Water Agency funded the $28,001.11 cost.  The Water Agency has repeatedly assisted this particular CSA at the expense of other activities of potentially broader benefit. 

On June 27, 2017, the Board directed staff to structure a portion of the current assistance as a loan to the CSA.  Public Works staff recommends a $20,000 interest-free loan to the CSA to be repaid as soon possible and at a minimum in four annual installments beginning in Fiscal Year 2018/19. The balance of the expenditure ($8,001) would be borne by the Water Agency as general assistance to the CSA.

As a reminder: During the May’s Board of Supervisor meeting, the Jones Valley residents belonging to the County Service Area No. 6 rejected a water rate increase through a majority ruling mailed-in ballot that was developed by the Community Advisory Board (CAB) committee.

Supervisor Rickert asked Mr. Minturn “How do they pay back when there is no money?”  He responded with optimism that hopefully, they will soon become solvent.

Supervisor Baugh said he thinks giving this loan and gift sends the wrong message to the customers. “I would like to take a hard line and would not like to see the gift of $8,000,” said Baugh.  He also said he would like to see the state take control all the CSA’s.

The board tabled the vote on approving the loan only because they would like to look into the amount of the loan total will be.