By Palomino Armstrong

*There is never truly time to grieve when you are on the front line. So to honor our beautiful little Star Fire, we suck up the pain and continue to fight to save more lives.*

We were hoping to have a bit more time to prepare for the babies, but we received an urgent call regarding the babies in WAMany of the locals near Mama Mel’s Urgent Care Nursery (our satellite in Toppenish WA), have reported more than one group of horses stranded in the deep snow. There are drifts over 4 feet high in places and the horses have had little to no food for weeks now.

*There were AT LEAST 12 babies from newly born, up to a month in age when we got the first call.. Sadly, since the first update 2 days ago, at least 9? babies are dead, and the circling vultures tell the gruesome tail. We were told there were predators waiting in the background, and the mares are struggling to keep the birds from eating their tiny, frozen, dead, babies.

Some of the babies that died appear to have Mom’s who are in semi-decent shape. Most likely the extreme cold took them when they lay down to rest. (We saw a lot of that in SD. Babies need to lay down, and when it is that cold and they are weak, they don’t have a chance.)

We have been apprised that we could get foals at any time and to be ready. No matter what folks take on the long term care of the orphans, MAMA MEL’S URGENT CARE NURSERY is the first place they will go. She is the only one who is on site and can start the urgent care they need.

Some of the hidden costs are as follows: Seramune Equine IgG (Colostrum replacer for $105. each). Critical babies are also given Foal Response, which is $12.69 per dose, and the Equine Coli Endotox (E Coli), and each does of that is $27.49. All these can be ordered through Valley Vet, and they are medicines most folks do not even know we need. These are just a few of the hidden costs that most people never see. I need to place an order for 10 each of the meds, and 3 bottles of Colostrum. The total is $719.65, and we need to order it asap so it arrives on time. We also have an order of other meds coming from the vet (hopefully in time), and I do not have the total cost of that yet. There are so many behind the scenes expenses.

These babies will need critical care, and we need to purchase more supplies asap.We will need additional meds, more colostrum (which is $100+ a baby), milk replacer, more blankets, heaters etc. so we can even begin to start taking proper care of the babies that are expected.

We have one nursery building set up, and it is very likely that we will see a large number of babies at once. So although we have a warm place for them to receive round the clock care, we will still need to finish getting all the needed supplies.

I am prepping to head to WA at a moment’s notice, and there are others we work with who are also prepping in case they are needed.

Mama Mel’s Urgent Care Nursery, is the ONLY thing standing between life and death for many of these little ones. We have been told we could possibly be receiving foals anytime (assuming they can survive) Once they are here there is no time to wait for supplies. The price for these foals will also be higher than normal as there is no way for folks to even reach them without renting snow equipment and hiring larger crews to help.

There is no guarantee that this group of horses can even be accessed. Worst case scenario, no one will get saved? There is little to no chance the babies will continue to survive standing out in the freezing weather in snow that is often up to chest level on the adult horses. Mom’s have very little milk, and there is no way to keep the little ones warm.

We may not get orphans tonight, it could be tomorrow, the next day or next week. The bottom line is that we have to be ready the minute we are called.

You have saved so many lives this last year. Funds that would have normally been used to finish setting up Mel’s have gone instead to save more lives. But I know that was part of God’s plans, and now it is “that time again”. Baby season is here and they need our help.

PLEASE NOTE: Our Paypal is The old account was closed, so we would really appreciate y’all using this one, especially for your monthly donations. You all are amazing. Thank You for being part of Chilly Pepper and for being part of our 2019 journey to keep saving lives.

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