Heart break, hope and new lives at Chilly Pepper—Miracle Mustang


The pain and heart break that is a part of rescue can sometimes be too much to bear, and you feel like your heart will never survive. Once again my heart was shattered into a million tiny pieces.

Matt and I had been called to pick up an orphan foal, but about 120 miles into the trip were turned around as the baby seemed to be improving. She was nursing and her mom was protective and all seemed well.

Two days later we were called on the same foal. Matt was in NV and I was in CA so he picked her up and we met and I started home. We both provided critical care, but when I stopped to treat her I opened the door to my worst heart ache. “Little Girl” had slipped from this world and was gone. I sank to the trailer floor and held her beautiful little body in my arms. Tears slid down my face as I couldn’t help but sob out the pain of losing this little one before I could even start to help her.

I drove the longest and loneliest drive home to our intern Mona and our orphans Diesel and Sapphire. (Matt was on the road delivering horses.)Wrapping my arms around them I thanked God that they at least have a chance.

CHILLY PEPPER – MIRACLE MUSTANG really needs your help once again.Diesel decided to find a 100 year old nail and step on it, putting it into his frog. Luckily, it missed the bursa sack and coffin bone by a hair, but still required veterinary care. That turned out to almost be the easiest part.

Sapphire’s mom was trying to kill her and Diesel’s mom was no where to be found when these babies were pulled in. We knew these babies had issues, even though Diesel was fever free, played and ate very well. That doesn’t always mean what folks think it does. He has an internal infection, as does Sapphire. The first vet bill was about $1000 between the two of them, with the 2nd visit $350. Diesel has to go back one more time, but of course that is not the end of it.

Last night we got another call and Matt brought me another baby who is barely hanging in there. He is the one in the top photo. Black Jack can barely move, cannot lay down by himself, and was attacked by something prior to being brought in. He was found yesterday alone, no one in sight. This is usually a pretty good indicator that the band realized he would attract predators. I am not sure but the way he moves it is almost like they beat the stuffing out of him before convincing him to not follow the herd. Again, you never really know for sure, but there are indicators to what might possibly have happened. At any rate he is hanging in there as of this post. He is eating, on medication and we are spending 24/7 with him. He is one you have to stay in the stall with. His eyes are as empty as I have ever seen, although there was a tiny spark today.

Black Jack is having severe gut issues in addition to all his other problems, but did manage to poo just enough to spray me and the blankets as I lay in my chair in the stall with him last night.

We have been hit with a lot of expenses with the horses, feed etc. and the vet bills. Matt is on his way Right Now to pick up ANOTHER baby, and possible an additional one who is injured. So we are looking at more expenses and all these kids will most likely need more vet care, hopefully with the exception of Sapphire.

With 5 babies on Foal Lac the milk powder alone will be $1500 + for a month. That is just a drop in the bucket as far as what we use to care for them. Add in Foal Lac Pellets, Kerosene for their heaters, Baby wipes, Vaseline, rubber gloves, shavings, syringes, needles, enemas, BioSponge, ProBiotics, hay, etc. etc. it just keeps adding up. So as always, the orphans are spendy, but I believe when God puts a baby in front of me we are supposed to give it every reasonable chance available.

We also just picked up another stallion (in addition to all of the other kids from the ISPMB rescue) who was ready to be loaded on the slaughter truck. We received a “hail mary call” and God whispered in my ear “say yes”.

So although we have had an amazing year placing horses, more keep coming. THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO SAVE THESE KIDS! Together we have accomplished amazing things, but it seems like the work has just begun.

I was kind of hoping for a break after South Dakota, but God giggled at me again. I hope folks remember, we only ask for the horses so we can take care of them and give them a chance for the lives they deserve.


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