Foothill student arrested for writing bomb threat on desk


On Friday, April 7, 2017, School Resource Officer, Deputy Julie Soksoda, was contacted by a teacher at Foothill High School regarding a threat written on a desk within a campus classroom. The threat stated, “Be ready at 2:15, Bomb is going to go off (Boom!)”. It was established the threat was written on the desk sometime during morning classes. Taking the threat seriously, Deputy Soksoda and Foothill High School Administration began immediately contacting and interviewing students who had class in the room that morning to identify the individual who was responsible for writing the message. Multiple students were interviewed and initially, none of them claimed responsibility for writing the threat on the desk. During this process, a safety procedure discussion occurred and the implementation of an evacuation plan was also set into place. Prior to implementation of the evacuation process, a 14 year old student who had been interviewed and initially denied writing the threat, admitted they were the one responsible for writing the threat on the desk.  The student, who will not be identified because they are a minor, was arrested and transported to the Shasta County Juvenile Hall. No explosive devices were involved in the incident.