Food and Farm News – Dec. 7 – New navel orange offers early harvest

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Farming still a family way of life
Farming remains overwhelmingly a family affair, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Ninety-nine percent of U.S. farms today are family-owned, accounting for 89 percent of farm production. Small farms make up 90 percent of total farms, though large-scale family farms hold the largest share of overall production. Only 3 percent of large farms are non-family corporations. 

New navel orange offers early harvest
A new navel orange variety being planted in California may give citrus fans something to celebrate. Growers say the early-maturing M-7 navel variety offers color, juiciness and flavor that outperforms other early varieties. The M-7 could allow California growers to compete better for early-season markets. The M-7 navel orange was developed in Australia, with commercial plantings just beginning in California. 
County Farm Bureaus receive honors
Four county Farm Bureaus in California have been recognized for excellent service to members. The Monterey, Sacramento and Tulare County Farm Bureaus were named “counties of the year” in their membership categories. The Shasta County Farm Bureau received an Innovator Award for a program that encouraged high school students to create promotional videos. The awards were presented during the California Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Monterey.    
Farm leader earns award for service
A longtime Monterey County agricultural leader has been honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the California Farm Bureau Federation. Bob Martin is a former president of the Monterey County Farm Bureau and served leadership roles in numerous Central Coast farm organizations. Martin recently retired as general manager of a vegetable-growing operation. He received the award during the Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Monterey.