Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Market uncertainty follows trade tensions
Trade disputes between the United States and some of its partners have led to market uncertainty for California agricultural exporters. China placed new tariffs on farm products earlier this spring, in a disagreement about steel and aluminum trade. Exporters of California nuts, for example, say Chinese buyers have postponed purchasing decisions as a result. Canada, Mexico and the European Union say they also plan new tariffs on products including farm goods. 
Farm exporters visit Japan
A dozen California-based companies are among those exploring agricultural export opportunities in Japan this week. The U.S. Department of Agriculture organized the trade mission, which also includes representatives of state agriculture departments. Japan represents the fourth-largest market for California farm exports. California companies participating in the trade mission sell rice, nuts, fruit drinks, dairy foods, prunes and other products.  
Potential for larger timber harvest encourages foresters
With millions of dead trees remaining in California forests, people in the timber business say they’re encouraged by a plan to increase logging on national-forest land. The California Forestry Association says the timber target announced by the U.S. Forest Service could be the highest in 20 years. With continued dry weather and California wildfires becoming more destructive, forestry leaders say it’s crucial to reduce the fuel load in national forests. 
Pest moves from city to country

It’s been a pest in urban areas of California for more than a decade, and the brown marmorated stinkbug has started to move into agricultural zones. University of California pest-management experts say the stinkbug began causing damage in orchards and vineyards last year, and more impact has been seen this year. The bugs feed on a variety of plants. The brown marmorated stinkbug has become established in 16 counties and has been trapped in 18 more. 


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