While floating down Clear Creek, trio gets themselves into trouble in fast-moving cold water


On May 13, 2017, at 7:47 p.m., Brianna Hickman, 19 years old of Bella Vista, CA, called 911 to report she and her friends, Tiyana Cruz, 21 years old of Redding, CA, and Joseph Randa, 18 years old of Redding, CA, overturned in their rafts on Clear Creek and needed to be rescued.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, Cal Fire and CHP Air Operations were dispatched to the scene.  Prior to all the rescuers arriving at the scene, all three made it safely to shore and walked to the road.

All three adults put their rafts in Clear Creek at the Clear Creek Road bridge.  Their rafts were two-person size rafts, which were tied together; they had one paddle and no life jackets.  While floating down Clear Creek, Hickman saw they were heading for some trees and got out of the raft to stop their movement.  Once she got in the water, the fast-moving cold water swept her off her feet and pulled her under water for a short time.  Randa was able to help Hickman but then one raft flipped over onto the other raft.

Hickman was able to make it to shore and Randa and Cruz made it to an island.  Hickman was able to flag down a passing motorist who called for help.  Eventually, Randa and Cruz were able to make it off the island and walk to the road where all three were reunited.  None of them were injured, just very cold.  They were unable to recover their rafts or paddle.        

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind citizens when recreating on a boat in the water, there has to be one life jacket for everyone on board.  The Sheriff’s Office encourages everyone to wear a life jacket when on or near the water.