On July 17, 2017, at 3:48 a.m., Officers were dispatched to a call of a disturbance that sounded like multiple subjects arguing in the 3500 block of Ricardo Avenue.  The reporting party said two gunshots were also heard from the area. 

Officers approached the area on foot and focused their efforts on a house that had a previous history of disturbances and was identified by a witness as the location of the disturbance.  The occupants of the house were ordered to exit.  A man and a woman exited and admitted they had been involved in an argument, but they denied there were any firearms at the residence. 

The male subject was identified as Sir Paul Flagler, age 27, of Redding.  He was found to be on felony probation for burglary.  Officers searched his residence and eventually located a 12 gauge pump-shotgun, a semi-automatic .22 rifle, and live ammunition for both firearms.

While officers were searching for evidence, a neighbor approached them to report that her parked vehicle and residence were struck by bullets.  One bullet struck her vehicle’s right, rear door, while the other bullet hit the front window of her house.  Officers were unable to determine who had fired the shots that struck the residence and vehicle. 

The bullet strikes did not appear to match the firearms that were located during the search of Flagler’s residence.  Officers also received information that two unknown individuals may have left the residence prior to the arrival of officers.

Flagler is a convicted felon.  As such, Flagler is not allowed to possess or have access to firearms or ammunition.  Flagler was booked at the Shasta County Jail for possession of a firearm and ammunition by a felon, as well as a probation violation and a felony warrant.  His bail had not yet been set at the time of this news release.