Feb. 16

  • A resident in the 10400 block of Oak Run Rd in Millville called to report fraudulent transactions on caller’s checking account. Bank has been notified.
  • A call was received from the 8900 block of Warner Way in Shingletown to report the shop was broken into within the last three days.
  • A call was received to report he was walking past a house two weeks ago in the 22300 block of Spanish Oaks Drive in Palo Cedro when a whit dog jumped the fence and was very aggressive towards him. Caller wanted to talk to dog owner, now upset because no one has returned his call.
  • A citizen called to report he found a wallet in the area of Bear Mountain and Dry Creek Roads in Jones Valley. The wallet appears to have drug paraphernalia and possible various identity information in it.
  • CHP sergeant called for a SCSO unit to respond due to an assault with a deadly weapon—pedestrian vs. vehicle— that may have occurred in the 30100 block of One Hundred Rd in Shingletown, in parking lot of market or nearby bar.
  • CHP officer called to report an arrest of Clifford Quiales in the Hwy 44 and Shingle Glen Trail area of Shingletown.
  • A resident in the 12000 block of Intermountain Rd in Bella Vista called to report being a victim of scam, losing a total of $4000.
  • A resident in the 26900 block of Scharsch Rd in Millville called to report chain to gate cut off and pulled into property of unknown vehicle. Lights shining at caller. Vehicle is on the 40-acre lot somewhere. Caller states front gate locked again.

 Feb. 17

  • A CHP call was received to report a fight over service of papers in the 9400 block of Deschutes Rd in Palo Cedro. Subject possibly partially run over by suspect driving a white Nissan Pathfinder.
  • A call was received from a business in the 14600 block of Ravine Rd in Jones Valley to report he went to the station to get some equipment and a male in a red Honda Civic was parked to the rear of the business. Caller did speak to the male who was saying something about setting up a place to stay there. Vehicle was parked to the rear of the business.

Feb. 18

  • A resident in the 12800 block of Yanot Drive called to report her ex-boyfriend is outside of the house and refuses to leave and harassing her friend.  Buddy Smalley was arrested at the scene.
  • A resident in the 17300 block of Broken Ridge Rd in Round Mountain called to state he just arrived and there is vehicle unknown to him parked in the garage. Numerous appliances from the house appears to be taken. Top floor not check. Caller has armed himself with a rifle.
  • A call was received to report a male with long beard and light blue shirt has a flash light and is yelling/screaming up and down Oak Run Rd near Mineral School Road in Oak Run shining a flash light at residences.
  • A resident in the 21500 block of Squaw Grass Trail in Jones Valle called to report ex-roommate was at location, caused a fight and made vague threats to return with more subjects.
  • A call was received to report a male hit caller’s husband and male’s wife at a residence in the 11500 block of Palo Duro Rd in Bella Vista. Medical declined. Called back an hour later saying male is now sitting in a chair, in the driveway blocking caller from leaving in her vehicle. Caller is a guest at the residence.

Feb. 19

  • A resident in the 21500 block of Squaw Grass Trail in Jones Valley called to report 5th Wheel was vandalized. Caller believes subjects that were staying with caller are responsible.

Feb. 20

  • A resident in the 20400 block of Gibson Ct in Palo Cedro saw a suspect in a black cap, red/black shirt, black plaid jacket running from her front yard carrying her purse from her vehicle. Suspect headed out of the cul-de-sac towards airport.  

Feb. 21

  • A call was received from a church at 2:21 a.m. in the 7800 block of Airport Way in Shingletown to report power is out in the area and she can hear what she believes is an ATV driving around. Nothing seen.
  • An employee in the 31200 block of Hwy 44 in Shingletown called to report the business was burglarized sometime during the night. Cash and medications taken.
  • A resident in the 22600 block of Old Alturas Rd in Bella Vista called to report unknown female arrived at caller’s house seemed disoriented. Caller believes she needs assistance. Female declined medical, but caller states she made statements of domestic violence and court dates. Caller will call back with direction if she leaves house.
  • A female called from the 30300 block of Fremont Way in Oak Run about a civil issue. Neighbors tree fell on caller’s vehicle.
  • A resident in the 21900 block of Meadow Land Way in Bella Vista called to report she believes someone may have attempted to break into her garage overnight. Just discovered it would not open and there is damage to both corners near the ground.
  • A couple of resident’s in the 11200 block of Deacon Trail in Bella Vista called to report ongoing issue of subject trespassing on their properties. Currently three subjects seen jumping fence and possibly bonfire.

Feb. 22

  • A resident in the 9000 block of Stillwater Rd in Palo Cedro called to report unknown subjects using caller’s identity to create credit card accounts, believes info taken from tax documents.
  • A call was received from CHP for a BOLO for a that a citizen reported a subject driving under the influence going east bound in the Hwy 299 E and Buzzard Roost Rd in Round Mountain. Driver has nearly struck 20 vehicles head on. Original citizen caller was still following a gold Chevy Malibu.

Feb. 23

  • A resident in the 12800 block of River Hills Drive Bella Vista called to report the theft of vehicle from detached garage overnight. Unknown if anything else is missing at location. BOLO for a maroon 2014 Chevy Cruz 4 door.  Resident called back to state she has a clear image on surveillance camera available to share.
  • A resident in the 7500 block of Tamlin Pond Lane in Shingletown called to report two subjects on motorcycles pulled in caller’s driveway the previous day and walked around house.
  • A resident in the 12700 block of River Hills Drive Bella Vista called to report her garage, room attached to garage and vehicles were burglarized.
  • A call was received in the 20700 block of Rancho Trail in Bella Vista to report he rented an Uhaul trailer in his name and he let a known female borrow it. Female has not returned it.

Feb. 24

  • A resident in the 20900 block Elivna Way in Bella Vista called to report identity theft.
  • A resident in the 30000 block of Withrow Rd in Shingletown called on behalf of wife stating that neighbors went to house and caused a fight over dog issue. The wife requesting personal contact. Suspects left back to their own residence.
  • Sheriff deputy responding to area to assist CHP. Report of two separate spin outs in the same area of Hwy 299 E and Woodhill Drive in Montgomery Creek.

Feb. 25

  • A citizen called to report a black Lab type with orange collar running loose in the roadway of Millville Plains and Nobles Trail Roads area. Canine appears to be lost. Has a scrape and bloody lip. Possibly fell out of the back of a vehicle.
  • A house sitter in the 12700 block of Indian Oaks Drive in Bella Vista called to state barn doors were burglarized sometime on Thursday evening (2/23) Negative entry made into structure.
  • A call was received from the 11800 block of Lewis Lane in Bella Vista in regards to a civil matter over an estate, which the caller’s father passed away the previous day. A male was at the location causing a fight has since left.
  • A citizen called to report a female was walking down Elk Trail E and appeared to be distraught. Female was being followed by a male in a white Jeep Cherokee. When caller attempted to talk to female, the male cause a fight with her. Male demanded the walking female get in the vehicle and then both left at a high speed going north bound on Argonaut Trail.
  • A call was received to report two males are parked near the intersection of Old Oregon Trail and Old Alturas Rd in a green sedan. Male inside vehicle possibly had a firearm in his hand and smiled at the caller as she drove by. The other subject was standing outside the vehicle.