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These Sheriff Reports are daily condensed records kept by the county sheriff’s office of disturbances, police reports, and other reported criminal activity for the communities east of Redding. Reports are deciphered to the best of our ability.

May 6

  • A resident in the 21400 block of Old Alturas Rd in Bella Vista called at 12:55 a.m. to report hearing voices coming from behind her garage. Nothing seen. Called back at 3:44 a.m. to report hearing two voices—male and female on caller’s property. Seen flashlights at one point.
  • A resident in the 221700 block of Dersch Rd in Palo Cedro to state unknown suspect vandalized the door to his travel trailer sometime overnight. Unknown items taken.
  • A resident in the 21400 block of Old Alturas Rd in Bella Vista called at 10:51 p.m. to report two subject running down her hill between house and garage. Also stating subjects playing with her locks. States ongoing issue.

May 7

  • A resident in the 11600 block of Homestead Lane in Bella Vista called to report her sister is at the house and possible hit mom. Currently in a fight. Caller is at the neighbors calling.
  • A resident in the 27800 block of Hwy 44 in Millville called to state unknown subject stole medication out of her bedroom sometime the previous day.
  • A resident in the 11900 block of Deschutes Rd in Bella Vista called to report daughter caused fight with caller and boyfriend. States daughter calling 911 and giving a false report.
  • A renter in the 29400 block of Inwood Rd in Shingletown called to state landlord has entered residence multiple times over the last week without permission and has taken items. States that the landlord recently moved back to area and is currently camping near the pond that is on the property.
  • A resident in the 7300 block of Smith Creek Rd in Shingletown called to report husband causing a fight. Parties now separated. Husband in garage. Caller states he is acting like he is on drugs but has no history of using them. Unsure what is going on. States extremely out of ordinary behavior for husband.
  • A resident in the 14900 block of Bear Mountain Rd in Jones Valley called to state they caught a subject that had burglarized the shed and was going through contents. Neighbor also states front door to house was opened. Requesting location checked and cleared.

May 8

  • A resident in the 27600 block of Oak Run to Fern Rd in Oak Run to report ongoing problem with miscellaneous theft of items from outside house. Caller has long list.
  • A resident in the 21800 block of Saint Francis Way in Palo Cedro called to report sending subject a $200 deposit to get a trailer from Rocklin. Subject then would not return deposit is no longer replying to call. Caller believes scam.

May 9

  • A call was received to report items taken from a parked vehicle in the 22000 block of Jones Valley Marina Drive in Jones Valley.
  • A resident in the 21200 block of Oak Knoll Rd in Bella Vista called to report fraudulent emails.

May 10

  • A mother was housesitting for her daughter’s house in Shingletown. The previous day two males came to the house, stating they were with the daughter’s insurance company and needed to take photos of the property. Caller states her daughter contacted the insurance company and they states they did not send anyone.

May 11

  • A resident in the 9300 block of Deschutes Rd in Palo Cedro called to report receiving a scam phone call from someone claiming to be PG&E and threatening to shut off her power if she didn’t give them money immediately. Caller called PG&E and they stated it was a scam. Caller requested to speak to deputy to get the info out to the public.
  • A resident in the 11600 block of Mae Lane called to report unknown subject — black beard, no shirt walking up the street possibly casing neighborhood.
  • CHP officer called to report driver under the influence in the Hwy 299 E and E Stillwater Way. Silver Nissan Titan with kayak in the bed, speeding, unable to maintain lanes, driving into oncoming traffic. Vehicle is occupied by approximately 5-6 subjects in the front bench seat of truck.

May 12

  • A resident in the 11900 block of Yosemite Drive in Bella Vista to report fight over civil landlord-tenant issue with landlord and landlord’s grandson. Subjects left to grandson’s house.
  • A citizen called to state that while driving to Silverthorne in the Bear Mountain Rd area there was a deceased dog on the right-hand side of the road. The dog’s body was buried with the head sticking out of the ground.