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These Sheriff Reports are daily condensed records kept by the county sheriff’s office of disturbances, police reports, and other reported criminal activity for the communities east of Redding. Reports are deciphered to the best of our ability.

Apr. 8

  • A resident in the 7000 block of Dogwood Drive in Shingletown called at 6:20 a.m. to report his wife missing. Caller reports missing person met new friends the previous day and met them at Carls Jr. near Home Depot. Caller contacted wife at 10:00 p.m. at unknown house in Redding and had been drinking and stated she was in route home. Wife has still not made it home and is not answering the phone.
  • A call was received from the 29400 block of Hwy 299 E in Round Mountain to report suspect messaged caller, making threats of bodily injury.
  • A call was received from the 21500 block of Privet Drive in Bella Vista to report landlord held caller down on the ground, struck her, and took air nozzle from caller’s air compressor. Both parties still at location at the time of call. No longer in fight.
  • An employee of a business in the 9500 block of Old Oregon Trail called to report male and female in vehicle at gas pump for the last hour acting strangely and ducking down in green Toyota when caller looks out window.
  • A resident in the 30100 block of Thomas Rd in Oak Run called to report unknown male on road new her house screaming on and off for the last 30 minutes.
  • A resident in the 7700 block of Mallard Way in Millville called to report subject in backyard with flashlights. No vehicle in the area.

Apr. 9

  • A call was received to report they accidentally left friend behind near the waterfalls about one mile north of Ponderosa Way and Hwy 44 in Shingletown. Male has been missing for four hours.
  • A call was received from the 8500 block of Brookdale Rd in Millville—two chainsaws were taken from shed sometime over the past few days.
  • A resident in the 33300 block of Waleswood Drive in Shingletown called to report neighbor makes rude hand gestures every time caller drives through area. Call taker attempted to advise him on TRO process and caller is upset of that suggestion and wanting a deputy to call back.
  • A resident in the 9300 block of Wagonette Way in Palo Cedro called to state that she signed for a package that is from the Ukraine and addressed to caller. It is approximately 11×14 with duct tape and says anniversary gift. Unknown what is inside package.
  • A resident in the 11100 block of Sara Drive called to report finding an unknown male parked in car in driveway of his house on April 2. Caller asked male to leave and he left immediately. Male had stated he was looking for a quiet place to write a letter. Caller states upon reviewing surveillance, male had walked around the property looking inside vehicles and house.

Apr. 10

  • A resident in the 30700 block of Thumper Drive in Shingletown called to report arriving home and found front door broken down. No one inside, all property taken and extensive damage to inside.
  • A call was received to report unknown subject in a black hoodie and black pants, walking from mailbox to mailbox taking mail in the Deschutes Rd and Captains Way area of Palo Cedro. Last seen at time of call on foot southbound towards Old Deschutes. Shawna Mc Donald was arrest on outstanding warrant.

Apr. 11

  • A call was received to report truck was broken into overnight, also someone bled out her propane tank in the Windy Point Rd and Hwy 299 E in Montgomery Creek area.
  • A call was received from the 10200 block of Ponderosa Way in Shingletown to state two windows broken. Washer and dryer, TV, security doors and other items taken some time with in the last week.
  • CHP dispatched a call to sheriff’s office to hand domestic violence incident in the Hwy 44 and Shasta Forest Drive in Shingletown.
  • A resident in the 32200 block of Rock Creek Rd in Manton to report adult daughter is causing a fight making vague threats to caller.

Apr. 12

  • Report missing

Apr. 13

  • A resident in the 7500 block of Joda Rd in Shingletown called to report neighbor hit caller in leg with rock. Caller back in his own house and suspect returned to his.
  • A resident in the 5100 block of Wilson Hill Rd in Manton called to report unknown subject was seen pulling up to caller’s drive way and walking around caller’s property. When caller confronted him, subject stated he was looking for gas.
  • A resident in the 22700 block of Old 44 Drive in Palo Cedro called to report miscellaneous tools valued at $2000, were taken from caller’s car port sometime within the last two hours.
  • A resident in the 13800 block of Bear Valley Trail in Jones Valley called to state angry neighbor calling and leaving threatening voice message. Re: children’s riding dirt bikes on their property.
  • A CHP call was received to report older 4×4 in field across from the 29800 block of Terry Mill Rd in Round Mountain. Male had possibly driven into a ditch and fence. Possibly DUI. CHP requests Sheriffs deputy to respond as well due to it being on private property

Apr. 14

  • A bypasser called to report two female juveniles walking eastbound on Hwy 44 near Millville Plains Rd in Millville. Caller states there are no houses around. Juveniles are walking covering themselves with blankets.
  • A resident in the 29600 block of Hwy 299 E in Round Mountain called to report friends of son vandalized their backyard.
  • A call was received to report she has not heard from her boyfriend. Male was last seen at friend’s house in the 30900 block of Bambi Drive in Shingletown. A BOLO was place for Missing Person Overdue. (Missing person was Mike Rozner—found deceased at base of waterfall)
  • A call was received from her work in the 9300 block of Deschutes Rd to report her ex-boyfriend got inside her vehicle while she was at work and stole her cell phone. Suspect is the only person with a key to caller’s vehicle. Caller called back 8 hours later to state her ex-boyfriend deleted evidence from phone and removed simcard before returning it.
  • A resident in the 11600 block of Cheyenne Rd to report an unknown male subject knocked on caller’s door. Making statements about wanting his shirt back and being put there by his parole officer. Subject stated he was “tripping” caller states he was acting he had mental issues. Last seen at Cheyenne and Hwy 299 E.  
  • A call was received to state male and female inside house on Loop Drive near Bollibokka Way in Jones Valley in a fight. Caller can hear items breaking and heard someone yell about a firearm.
  • A call was received at 11:40 p.m. to report two vehicles parked on the west side of Neal Lane. When approached males, state they are watching a movie. Two males in dark four-door vehicle. Other vehicle is older rusted four-door, unknown if occupied.