These Sheriff Reports are daily condensed records kept by the county sheriff’s office of disturbances, police reports, and other reported criminal activity for the communities east of Redding.


Dec. 27

  • A business employee in the 12000 block of Deschutes Rd in Bella Vista called to report a male is at location and appeared to be waving his arms as if needing assistance.
  • A resident in the 22600 block of Old 44 Drive in Palo Cedro called to report house broken into and fire safe box taken. Several pieces of jewelry also taken. Total loss approximately $600.
  • A resident in the 14500 block of Dry Creek Rd in Jones Valley called to report house burglarized. Possibly point of entry is window that was smashed. Shotgun was stolen. Caller believes possibly neighbor is suspect. Ongoing issue.

Dec. 28

  • A resident in the 9500 block of Deschutes Rd in Palo Cedro called to report an older male wearing a tan jacket and black pants and a larger male wearing black long sleeve shirt with writing on the back were just in the caller’s yard looking around. Subjects now across the street looking into the neighbor’s yard, heading northbound on Deschutes. Older male was in the caller’s yard at approximately 3:00 a.m. that morning.
  • A call was received from the 21800 block of Hillside Drive in Palo Cedro to report an argument with father over a civil issue involving shared storage space.

Dec. 29

  • A resident in the 6900 block of Woodpecker Drive in Shingletown called to report she believes suspect is poisoning her animals. Suspect’s cat was killed approximately four months ago from poisoning. Caller blue merle dog killed the previous night. Caller believes suspect. Dog is in a box under house for investigation.
  • CHP called for backup on a driver in a silver SUV traveling east bound into oncoming traffic on Hwy 299 E and Round Mountain Rd in Round Mountain then weaving back into traffic. CHP states does not have unit in the area.

Dec. 30

  • A property owner from the 21300 block of Driftwood Trail in Jones Valley called to report he had heard from a neighbor, that his detached garage was broken into in the last day or so. Several tools and a bicycle have been taken.

Dec. 31

  • A resident in the 11600 block of Mae Lane called to state he just came home from the bay area. States his home was broken into sometime between Dec. 24 and now. States his electricity is turned off. Reports 55-60 guns, and 60,000 rounds of ammo and 15-20 knives missing from house.
  • A resident in the 33800 block of Constellation Drive in Shingletown called to report neighbor destroying her fence while cutting down tree on his property. Believes occurred Friday.
  • A business employee from the 27600 block of Oak Run to Fern in Oak Run called to report possible shots fired from business that morning. Caller was not involved.
  • A call was received from a business in the 9300 block of Deschutes Rd in Palo Cedro to report a male neighbor of her mother in law is following caller around in a gray Chrysler. Has followed her to current location from Bella Vista. Is harassing caller in civil case with caller’s mother in law. Caller is scared to leave location. Male subject keeps driving by in car. Caller is standing by in center of park lot.
  • A call was received to report hearing five shots and subjects screaming in the Hackett Lane and Winegar Rd area of Palo Cedro.
  • A resident in the 8000 block of Starlite Pines Rd in Shingletown called to state male and female down the street in a fight, sounds physical, can hear items slamming and can see a shadow of a male hitting female.
  • A resident in the 29800 block of Westmoore Rd in Shingletown called to state she allowed subjects and their children to stay with her during the holidays. Subjects are now causing her problems and would like them to leave. Caller believes subjects are verbally and emotionally abusing her.

Jan. 1

  • While on a walk, caller reports dog biting her in the 9900 block of Hillview Drive in Palo Cedro. Two dogs rushed out both black and white one with short coat is the one that bit on the side of knee causing bruising and tore pants; caller contacted dog owner.

Jan. 2

  • A call was received to report he received information that a front loader and other construction equipment parked in the Phillips and Bullskin Ridge Roads area of Round Mountain were vandalized. Fuel was siphoned out of them. Caller was transferred to CHP to report the theft of semi-truck.
  • A resident in the 32400 block of Hwy 44 in Shingletown called to report unknown subject stole check out of mailbox and attempted to cash at Tri Counties Bank.

Jan. 3

  • A resident in the 9600 block of Winegar Rd in Palo Cedro to report neighbor possibly illegally dumping water into creek behind caller’s house. Caller concerned for livestock. Creek behind house is usually dry, now full of water and still flowing today. Has questionable neighbors two property over. Previously lost three sheep under the same type of circumstances.
  • A wife called for her husband to report while at Shasta Lane in the Jones Valley Marina area a group of teenagers were shooting while on the lake and almost hit caller’s husband. The husband had no service, but has photos of the subjects.
  • A resident in the 10300 block of Lone Goose Lane in Palo Cedro called to report his roommate has been drinking and creating a fight with him. Caller currently separate in the bedroom.

Jan. 4

  • A resident in the 22100 block of Graystone Ct in Palo Cedro to request deputy to respond stating sometime during December and unknown subject got into caller garage and went through it. Subject packed up some things. Negative anything stolen. Subject did leave items behind and requests those be picked up.
  • A resident in the 10400 block of Ryan Hill Rd called to report firearm taken from unlocked vehicle sometime last week.
  • A resident in the 28400 block of Hwy 44 in Shingletown called to report the left of a potbelly stove valued at $150 that was chained up outside the house.