These Sheriff Reports are daily condensed records kept by the county sheriff’s office of disturbances, police reports, and other reported criminal activity for the communities east of Redding.


Oct 30

  • A call was made to report losing his business cell phone at Petco in Redding the previous day. Cell phone being tracked by “Find My Phone” app and GPS is hitting at a location in the 15800 block of Stagecoach Drive in Oak Run.
  • A resident in the 8100 block of Star Trek Drive in Shingletown called to report unknown subject has knocked on door and left three separate times. Resident called back an hour later at 10:43 p.m. to state subject back knocking on door. No one seen.

Oct 31

  • A call was made from the 31100 block of Webster Way in Montgomery Creek to report her adult brother possibly throwing items in the house being verbally abusive towards caller’s mother. Refusing to leave, has been staying at the house recently currently has locked himself in mother’s room.
  • A resident in the 32500 block of Hwy 44 in Shingletown to report unknown subject created fraudulent checks using callers bank account information. Caller has never had checks.
  • A call was made from the 11900 block of Deschutes Rd in Bella Vista to report a suit case sitting behind front steps. Unknown what is in there. Concerned due to location being a church.
  • A resident in the 9000 block of Stillwater Rd to report with his wife who is a victim of identity theft. Unknown using her social security number.
  • A resident in the 12000 block of Tintagel Lane in Whitmore call to report being a victim of online scam for money.
  • A call was made to report a set of tires and rims were stolen from a 1989 Honda Civic in the Bella Vista area approximately two weeks ago. Unknow exact location or date. Total value approximately $700.

Nov 1

  • A resident in the 28000 block of Hwy 299 E in Round Mountain called to report resident burglarized sometime in the last few days. Miscellaneous items taken.
  • A resident in the 27600 block of Camino Real in Millville called to report her husband was scratched by a dead bat. Was told by public health to have authorities to test the bat for rabies.
  • A resident in the 22100 block of Elk Trail East in Jones Valley called to report an unknown subject on an ATV possibly tampering with caller’s water meter.

Nov 2

  • A resident in the 8000 block of Starlite Pines Rd in Shingletown called to report a male with baseball cap, green army style jacket, carrying a large stick, outside the house yelling and throwing items into the street, walking north bound on Starlite.
  • A resident in the 35300 block of Nehemiah Drive in Shingletown called to report unknown subject wrote fraudulent check on Caller’s account. Caller had voided a check to process auto withdrawals for a bill and that check was written out.
  • A resident in the 14600 block of Ravine Rd in Jones Valley called to report subjects trespassing at the Jones Valley Fire Department. It’s the resident that lives directly across the street. Female appeared to be trying to get into the front door and now walked out back. Subject saw the caller watching her and now she is back in her own driveway.
  • A resident in the 33700 block of Meteorite Way in Shingletown called to report sometime this day between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. a female walked into her unlocked residence, stealing her purse with ID/Credit Cards, $110 cash. Caller states this was witnessed by a neighbor. Caller states she does not know the female.

Nov 3

  • A call was made at 2:02 a.m. from the 14200 block of Gale Lane in Oak Run to report she is staying with estranged husband overnight. Husband grabbed her and stole her bag and phone, refusing to give items back. Caller currently next door at main house. Incident occurred in cabin on same property. Suspect still at cabin.
  • A resident in the 26900 block of Scharsch Rd in Millville called to report she arrived home to find gate removed off the hinges. Tools still sitting next to gate. Concerned someone burglarized the house. Still driving up driveway.

Nov 4

  • No reports

Nov 5

  • A resident in the 26900 block of Scharsch Rd in Millville called to report she believes a known female burglarized her home in the last two days through a unsecured window. Keys are missing to pickup and ATV. ATV stolen, and report taken by CHP. Pickup still at house.

Nov 6

  • A resident in the 20900 block of Boyle Rd in Palo Cedro called to returned home to find unknown vehicle with two males in her driveway at her locked gate. Subjects sped out driveway, and went to neighbor’s house across the street. When caller came back out with her K9, subjects fled in vehicle.
  • A resident in the 21500 block of Old 44 Drive in Palo Cedro to report mail stolen out of mailbox this morning.
  • A call was made to report male in a gray Toyota SUV 4 Runner backed in between a tree and electrical box directly across from the entrance to Shasta College. Appears to be watching people coming and going from the College.
  • A call was received to report a suspicious male sitting on bright blue motorcycle, with red helmet in the parking out in the Deschutes Rd and Cedro Lane area of Palo Cedro.
  • A call was received from the 22200 block of Robin Way in Palo Cedro to report family member forged check and stole money from mother’s account. Caller is conservator for victim.

Nov 7

  • A resident in the 7700 block of Bass Pond Rd in Millville called to report finding a male on his property near the pond, male saw the caller and left. Last seen on Mallard from Bass Pond.
  • A resident in the 13900 block of Creek Trail in Jones Valley called to state two male subjects in an older model Chevy truck, cutting fire wood north side of roadway two blocks from his address. Caller confronted them, and they stated they had permission from property owner. Caller does not believe they have permission to be cutting down the trees.
  • A call from the the 7500 block of Creekside Mobile Circle in Shingletown to report a burglary to a house she cares for two weeks ago. Caller may have trail cam pictures.

Nov 8

  • A resident in the 10400 block of Daysha Way in Palo Cedro called to report house was burglarized and damage was done.
  • A call was received to report an unopened safe laying near the intersection of Creek and Scotchbroom Trails in Jones Valley.
  • A resident in the 20800 block of Osage Lane in Palo Cedro to state male was on her property a few hours ago and caller asked him to leave. Male was going through a trailer; the caller is storing on her property for a friend. Unknown if items were taken.