On Sept. 30, 2017 at 1:42 a.m., deputy Timothy O’Hara was on patrol with his K-9 partner, “Hondo” in the area of the Arco AM/PM Market located at 2402 Cascade Blvd, Redding. As he drove through the parking lot of the business, he noticed a vehicle matching the description of a recently reported stolen vehicle from the City of Redding. As he approached the vehicle, he confirmed it was indeed the reported stolen vehicle and could see four subjects were inside of it.

As he neared the vehicle, parked at a gas pump, the four subjects quickly exited the vehicle, walking away from him towards the market. Three of the subjects, later identified as Proudstar Wilson 22 years-old, Wind Dancer Wilson 20 years-old, and Chase Mattson 21 years-old, walked into the market, away from Deputy O’Hara. The fourth subject, the driver of the vehicle, ran around the outside of the business and into the darkness and wooded area, west of the building along Oasis Road. With the assistance of his K-9 “Hondo”, Deputy O’Hara located and detained the three subjects who ran inside the market, while other Sheriff deputies, the California Highway Patrol helicopter, and CHP officers responded to the location.

Once deputies arrived on scene, Deputy O’Hara and “Hondo” tracked the path of the driver, who ran around the building out of sight. “Hondo” located the suspect hiding next to a RV trailer approximately 200 yards southwest of the AM/PM market, across Oasis Road. The suspect complied with the deputies’ orders and was detained. The suspect was identified as Jesse Scott Caldwell 27 years-old, the driver of the stolen vehicle. He is currently on Post Release Community Supervision probation (PRCS) for 30305(a) (1) PC – Prohibited From Owning Ammunition.

 The vehicle was later found to have been reported to the Redding Police Department as stolen, just two hours prior to Deputy O’Hara locating it. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and his vehicle was returned to him.

Caldwell was arrested and booked for 10851(a) CVC – Vehicle Theft, 496(D) PC – Possession of Stolen Property, 148(a) (1) PC – Obstruct/Delay/Resist a Peace Officer, 3455(a) PC – PRCS Violation, and 4573 PC – Bringing a Controlled Substance into Jail. Proudstar Wilson was arrested and booked for an outstanding warrant for 4024.2(c) PC – Work Release Program Violation. Wind Dancer Wilson and Chase Mattson were released from the scene.