Dear Editor


Bradfield thanks community for raffle and Honey Bee Festival committee for their efforts

The five Grandmothers, Carolyn, Merrilee, Evelyn, Jan and Susan held a raffle to support our local non-profits.  We would like to thank the following businesses for their kindness in supporting this effort.  Annies Styles and Stitches, Another Chance Animal Welfare League, Bruce Farrell DDS, Carolyn Furnish, Consignment Corner, Tina, Shawna, Roxannie and Charlie at Hair Country, Earthwalk Massage and Meditation, Evelyn Steyskal, Grape Ranch Golf Course here in PC, Merrilee Walker, Napa Auto Parts, Palo Cedro Gift Gallery, Palo Cedro Market, Palo Cedro Tax Accounting, Palo Cedro Video, Amy at Reflections, Shasta Vape, Smith Chiropractic, Tri Counties Bank and Wooten Bees.

I would also like to extend gratitude and appreciation to the Honey Bee Festival Committee and the PC Park board for all of their efforts in behalf of this community event.  The flags and notices up on our local sign boards really contribute to the festive air of the Bee Festival. It is commendable that this is still done by people who live here and has not, as so many other festivals, gone the way of being run by a corporate entity. I would like to invite the artisans and school groups to put this event on your calendar for next year. One of a kind artisan products was what once drew me to the festival way back when it was held at the grange mid 1990’s. This is a delightful venue to showcase your products and for schools to raise funds for their annual projects via the food booths. We, the grandmothers, would love a fresh brewed coffee with cream booth :>) iced for the afternoon.
Susan Bradfield
Palo Cedro

FCNL asking representatives questions in regards to nuclear weapons

Dear Editor:
Friends Committee on National Legislation (the Quakers) or FCNL have offered this list for us to Ask our Congressional representatives. Decisions made in the next few years regarding nuclear weapons policy will be shaped in part by what the constituents share with our representatives this election year. Let us consider our positions and make inquiries.

President Obama has proposed a $1 trillion plan to “modernize” the US nuclear arsenal over the next 30 years. This massive investment in new nuclear weapons is immoral, unnecessary and wasteful. Would you (our representative) oppose spending taxpayer dollars on new nuclear weapons?

The Pentagon is developing a new nuclear cruise missile that former Secretary of Defense William Perry has called a “grave mistake”. This weapon could lead to a new arms race. Would you (our representative) support cancelling plans to build  new nuclear cruise missile?
The most serious nuclear threat today comes from not a nuclear war with Russian but from a small “dirty bomb” made from nuclear material acquired on the black market or from unsecured facilities. Yet US funding for nonproliferation programs has stagnated. Would you( my representative) support increases in nonproliferation funding to clean up loose nuclear material around the world?
For me I hold that War is not healthy for children and other living things.
well being to each of us.
Susan Bradfield
Palo Cedro

June 2

Palo Cedro resident shows support for Supervisor Pam Giacomini

I have been reading, with interest, various articles and letters regarding the District 3 Supervisor race. As a resident of Shasta County for just short of thirty years I believe in the current incumbent, Pam Giacomini.

I am supporting Mrs. Giacomini because I believe she has no agenda, except to work for us as residents of the county and to protect our county resources and ability to live and work here. She is proactive, engaged and knowledgeable. She doesn’t like to tell others about what she has done in her decades of service and volunteerism, because that is not her style. Pam just wants to work to find solutions that make things better for all of us. Pam is an effective leader and collaborator. We need her in office. I believe that if the voting residents took time to learn of her good works in office they would agree and in turn support her in the coming election.

Mark Darnall

Palo Cedro

June 1, 2016

Jobs – Jobs – Jobs

Dear Editor:

The foremost issue America has is returning good paying manufacturing jobs to American workers. If America is to survive as a Nation worthy of the title it must return the income tax base that the jobs will bring to America. With this increase in taxes America will be able to fully fund the various programs and departments; military, Social Security, Medicare, schools, public safety, and the list goes on. With the higher wages more money will be spent by citizens buying goods and services. To meet this demand more retail stores will open and they will employ more workers, again more taxes Manufacturing will increase in America to meet this increased demand, if pro American trade agreements are enforced, which will also be a source of jobs and taxes. Capital will flow to these businesses as they will be good investments. There is no shortage of American labor and raw materials. What you will have are the four key elements of Macroeconomics and when they are in equilibrium America will again have one the highest standards of living in the world. Of course care must be taken to prevent monopolies and oligopolies.

America is in this mess today due to the “Offshoring “ of American jobs and technology and the opening of American markets to cheap foreign labor that killed much of American manufacturing. I was recently in China on a tour and while waiting I told our guide, a 22 year old lady with at best a trade school education, that they had imported very high cost tour buses. She looked as if I had slapped her. She then stated “Oh No, it is not good to import things, it is better to build the factory here and our people have the jobs.” She expressed a better understanding of Macroeconomics than most of the elected political types we have in Washington.

Ernest Wirt

Palo Cedro

April 2, 2016

Shingletown citizen discuss Ash Creek controversy off Wilson Hill Rd.

Dear Editor;

Ash Creek is a beautiful creek that flows to Woodridge Lake.  However, the creek has been problematic  from Wilson Hill Road to the lake flooding adjoining properties and the Shingletown Library.  The County obtained permission from all owners requesting that Ash Creek be cleared and cleaned of debris and brush chocking the water flow.  In response to this request, an effort was underway to clear the creek of garbage and overgrowth to allow it to run freely once again to the lake.  During this clearing, several transient camps were discovered and were requested to vacate the private property.  Shortly after the clearing was in progress, all the good that was going on has been abruptly stopped by one resident of Shingletown who found it necessary to report this activity to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Most of Shingletown residents know who this person is and wonder why he found it so necessary to stop progress.  As we understand, tires, cans, bottles, dirty diapers, etc. have been clogging the creek.  Who in their right mind would want to leave all this garbage in such a beautiful creek. More importantly, why has the Department of  Fish and Wildlife allowed the creek to fill-up with garbage and done nothing about it.  A number of us are repulsed by this one person’s actions.  So, we need to ask the residents of Shingletown, are you planning to allow one person to dictate what you can and cannot do?  If you feel the same as a number of us do that Ash Creek should be cleaned and cleared, then we ask you to call the Department of Fish and Wildlife at (888) 334-2258 or (530) 510-1227 or email Rich Wharton at and register a complaint that they need to do their job.

Concerned Ash Creek Neighbors

Feb. 29, 2016

Dear Editor:

The Shasta Co. Planning Dept. is proposing a 700 acre development on Boyle Rd. with 166 parcels. This development would have Boyle road as its’ main access. The proposal involves an on site waste water treatment facility that would use Bella Vista Water along with all the residents in the development. The traffic on Boyle Road is heavy enough especially during the school year-now add at least 300 more cars! No one moved out to this area to live next to a huge development as this. The impact on the quality of life for those of us out here would be greatly diminished with the traffic, the noise, and the already lack of water available. I think this is worth alerting all those that would be impacted but did not receive a notice of Preparation of Environmental Impact Report. More info is available at in the Tierra Robles Revised Project 2016 folder.

Kathy Creasey