By Todd Manley

Last week, water management entities, conservation organizations and state and federal fishery agencies came together on the Sacramento River at the City of Sacramento’s fish screen and diversion facility to celebrate the work that was conducted to promote salmon recovery in the Sacramento Valley during the past year as part of the Sacramento Valley Salmon Recovery Program.

During the past year, projects have been completed to increase spawning and rearing habitat in the upper reaches of the Sacramento River, decrease adult salmon straying in the Yolo Bypass and a pilot program to create food during the winter months in harvested fields that could help to feed migrating juvenile salmon in the Sacramento River.  Thirteen Sacramento Valley Salmon Recovery Program projects have been completed to promote salmon recovery in the Sacramento Valley since 2014.

An updated summary poster of the completed projects has been posted on the NCWA website.

These projects join a substantial body of projects, flows and scientific work that has been developed since 2000, which is summarized here.