By Judy La Russa

On Thursday, June 2 some of my friends would ask, ‘What am I going to do tonight— go to Chico and feel the “Bern”; go to Shasta College and see Bill Clinton stumping for his wife Hillary; or stay home and watch the Warriors. Many chose to stay home and watch the game, but I went to see the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton (even though I’m a big Warrior’s fan).

Located in the small venue of the student union, the cheering supporters filled the room to capacity of 500 and another 300 stood outside. Prior to Clinton taking the stage, congressional candidate Jim Reed spoke for a short period and then Redding Mayor Missy MacArthur spoke three words, “Go girl power!” Representative John Garamendi then introduced Clinton to the podium.

Representing his wife, Clinton covered several issue that the presidential candidate felt strongly about—growing the economy, develop modern manufacturing, small businesses growth, paid leave for new parents, equal pay for women, and minimum wage increase. Clinton mentioned how she felt about “the silly fights for immigration.” “We can’t turn someone away because of their religion or race,” said Clinton.

Never mentioning names, Clinton spoke of the slogan Making America Great Again. “For a lot of people things weren’t so great in the past,” said Clinton. “Where I come from in the south, things weren’t so great in the past. It also wasn’t so great for women in the work force. We need to see things in 21st century terms— reducing inequality, restoring upward mobility, and raise income. We need to put everyone on a good escalator to the future, or are we going to fight with each other for a shrinking economy, or that all our differences is all that matters.”

After attending the Thump rally on Friday, my experience with the two events are unparalleled. Attending the Clinton venue, they checked your credentials, you walk in sit in the media section. At the Thump event, you were checked in my two carrying a list of preregister media members. The first guy did not see my name and told me to leave. I asked him to recheck, he did begrudgingly after some persuasion and did see my name. (no apology) After being checked with the second list holders, you go through the TSA and metal detectors. No body search but you do receive a body scan with a wand. I was then escorted by a nice Trump employee from Australian named Malcolm to the media section.


  1. I think you did a good job of capturing the heart of the Clinton campaign.
    Love your comparison of security at the two events!