It’s Bee Season and Thursday Millville Elementary School saw some spectacular spelling bee competitions by Millville students for 4th through 8th grades .

Each of these class spelling bees was a genuine spelling battle between the top five spellers in each grade. After lengthy grade level spelling bees, four spellers triumphed. Their grade level spelling bee champs are as follows: Fifth grade: Violet Lopez; Sixth Grade: Seth Highet; 7th Grade: Shasta Power and 8th Grade: Natalie Berry.

The 4th grade bee ran out of words while three spellers remained; spellers will be issued a new list on Friday and compete for the top spot on Tuesday.

Violet and Seth will represent Millville School at the Shasta County Elementary Spelling Bee on March 22. Shasta and Natalie will represent Millville School at the Shasta County Junior High Spelling Bee on March 23. Both bees are hosted by Millville PTK and take place at Millville School. Congratulations, Spellers!!

The 1st -3 rd grade spelling bees will take place on Friday, Feb. 10.

contributed by Millville School News