CROWDER’s American Prodigal Tour 3.0 Featuring Crowder  Special guests The Young Escape             

DATE:     Monday, April 16, 2018   

TIME: 7:00 P.M.

PLACE:   James M Grant Student Life Center, Simpson University, 2211

INFO: 714.545.8900 or 877.435.9849 or

TICKETS:  $20.00 General, $35.00 Early Entry, $75.00 VIP

Christian music artist David Crowder will perform at the James M Grant Student Life Center, Simpson University, as a part of his American Prodigal Tour 3.0 at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 16.


Over the past two decades, David Crowder has transcended the usual boundaries associated with gospel music with lyrically powerful, musically intricate and unpredictable songs that have been sung and played everywhere from churches to mainstream clubs across the country. Since the 2012 conclusion of his eight-time GMA Award-winning and GRAMMY® nominated David Crowder*Band, the ever-evolving singer-songwriter has been on a fresh creative, critical and commercial roll, recording two hit crossover albums and a batch of hit singles under the new moniker ‘Crowder,’ and touring as leader of a new collective.


Crowder’s 2014 debut album, NEON STEEPLE, debuted at #8 on the Billboard 200,  hit #1 on the Christian & Gospel albums chart, and was named iTunes’ “Christian Album of the Year.”  Crowder, in turn, garnered multiple radio hits (including “I Am” and the Grammy nominated “Come As You Are”), a Grand Ole Opry debut, a GMA Award, and numerous fan award nominations from the national Christian radio programming service K-LOVE.

Crowder’s 2016 follow-up album, AMERICAN PRODIGAL, was another instant success, debuting at #1 on the Christian & Gospel Album chart, #3 on the Digital Albums chart, #5 on the Top Albums Billboard chart and #12 on the Top 200 Billboard chart. The singer kicked off the album release via a Twitter Music Q&A, exclusive Snapchat content with Spotify, and a performance on Fox & Friends. He also performed at the CMA Festival 2016, alongside a return to the Grand Ole Opry stage.

AMERICAN PRODIGAL received critical acclaim across the board. CCM wrote, “Without a grand ovation or pointed intention, Crowder has done on ‘American Prodigal’ what few artists can ever achieve—he has evolved without losing himself. In taking on the influences and colors of each other, he has discovered his most vibrant self yet.” HM Magazine echoed, “’American Prodigal’ could be Crowder’s best work yet. The rock and soul get you out of your seat, and the gospel is pure. It’s everything you’d hope for in a worship album but never quite expect.” AMERICAN PRODIGAL’s lead single, “Run Devil Run,” a Top 5 hit on the Hot Christian Songs chart, was picked up by NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.”  AMERICAN PRODIGAL also scored Top 10 radio hits with the K-LOVE Fan Award nominated “My Victory” and “Forgiven.”

In typical self-effacing but gracious Crowder fashion, the singer said of AMERICAN PRODIGAL’s instant smash status, “It is so great seeing and hearing how people are attaching to these songs. For me, they are obviously deeply meaningful, but they have swagger and are just stupid fun. I’m so happy folks have responded so exuberantly.”

On his website bio, Crowder writes passionately about the Atlanta mill town legacy of Cabbagetown, where he and his wife Toni had moved to from their lifelong home state of Texas. He also discusses the creation of his innovative “folktronica” vibe, and some colorful regional music history. He concludes his essay with a reflection on the meaning of the Prodigal Son parable. He writes, “Grace works on all of us just the same. Love works on us just the same. Freedom works on us all just the same. There’s only one definitive line and that’s the one between death and life. These songs are about that divide spanned on our behalf, and I pray they are subversive and healing in their insistence of that reality.”

As an active member of the Passion Movement founded by Louie Giglio, Crowder participates in the university student gatherings in the U.S., and around the globe, kicking off 2017 at the Georgia Dome with more than 50,000 college students. A published author, Crowder has also penned two books, including his acclaimed “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die” or (The Eschatology of Bluegrass)”, written with Mike Hogan and published by Relevant Books.

In a documentary by Serial Box called “Crowder + West Texas: A Conversation,” the singer spoke about the music he was making as a solo artist after the disbanding of his earlier band. “People think I died or something,” he said. “Oh, I thought you were done making music. Yea, I get the confusion – the David Crowder*Band is done, but fortunately, I am still David Crowder and David Crowder found out that he has to make music to stay alive.”