Adrienne Tirri shows off her pies and Nathan’s Artisan Sourdough at her booth in the 50 Mile Market in Palo Cedro.


The 50 Mile Market is open every Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Community Hall, 22037 Old Forty-four Drive.

By Sharyn Cornelius

Sometimes you come across the sweetest love stories in the most unexpected places.   This one emerged from the 50 Mile Market in Palo Cedro.  It is the story of two bakers—Adrienne Tirri of Bella Vista and Nathan Maupin of Fall River Mills–who met at a farmers’ market in Burney and fell in love.  “I’d been doing all the markets for seven years,” Tirri said.  “That was Nathan’s first one.  If he hadn’t decided to try it that day, we might never have met.” 

The owner of “For the Love of Pie,” Tirri has a giant, colorful food truck that she takes to local craft fairs and farmers’ markets all over the North State.  Her specialty is five-inch fruit pies—cherry, apricot, apple, peach—but she also bakes killer cookies.  Maupin, who has extensive training as a chef, specializes in sourdough French bread.  His best seller is his traditional “Country” style, but he also bakes flavored loaves, flavored with garlic, Kalamata olives and jalapenos.   

As soon as Adrienne tasted Nathan’s bread that day in Burney, she knew he was creating a product that would be a hit at all the markets, so she urged him to join her at her next booking.  He agreed.  “I helped him get approved for all the markets I was attending and we asked to have our booths be side by side.” 

Soon they were spending time together outside of the markets as well and getting to know each other’s families.  Nathan has an eight-year-old daughter, while Adrienne has three grown daughters and four grandchildren all under five.  “Now Nathan and I do everything together,” she said. “We not only love working together, we take pleasure in helping each other with our various problems.  We’re a good match, a good team.”

They still maintain separate “home bases,” his in Fall River Mills, hers in Bella Vista, where they do their own baking.  “Nathan’s Artisan Sourdough” is available at the Tin Roof in Fall River on Fridays and Saturdays and locally at Country Organic, Orchard Nutrition, Kent’s Meats and R & R Meats.  Adrienne’s pies and cookies are available at R & R Meats.

We hope you will come to the 50 Mile Market this Thursday to take home a loaf of Nathan’s bread and one of Adrienne’s pies or a container of cookies.  They may not be here too long as they plan to join other food truck owners at the downtown Redding Food Court as soon as it opens.  “We’re going to sell gourmet salads and Panini sandwiches made with Nathan’s bread,” Adrienne said.

We wish them luck though we’ll miss them at our market.

The 50 Mile Market is open every Thursday from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Community Hall, 22037 Old Forty-four Drive.