On Wednesday, 06/29/2016, 7:10 a.m., Agents with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Investigations Team assisted by Agents with the Shasta Interagency Narcotics Taskforce served a search warrant at 23555 North Star Drive in Millville, California.  The search warrant was issued as a result of an investigation that lead agents to believe marijuana was being cultivated and possessed for sales at the home.

During the service of the search warrant, Jeremy Scott Hart, 34 years old, and Brenda Jean Hart, 59 years old, were contacted and detained inside the residence.  A third female subject was also contacted inside the residence but was later determined to not be involved. Four loaded firearms were located in the rooms which Jeremy and Brenda emerged from after investigators made entry into the home.  Agents seized approximately 140 marijuana plants growing on the property as well as processed marijuana packaged for sales, numerous items indicative of sales of marijuana (digital scales, packaging materials, and partially processed marijuana), and approximately $15,000.00 dollars in US Currency believed to be proceeds from sales of controlled substances.

Interviews conducted on scene coupled with evidence recovered provided agents with enough probable cause to place Brenda and Jeremy Hart under arrest for 11358 H&S felony cultivation of marijuana, 11359 H&S felony possession of marijuana for sales, 182(a)(1) PC conspiracy to commit a felony, and 12022(a)(1) PC Armed with a firearm during the commission of a felony.  Brenda and Jeremy were placed under arrest on scene and transported to the Shasta County Jail where they were booked on their respective charges.