Shingletown citizen discuss Ash Creek controversy off Wilson Hill Rd.

Dear Editor;

Ash Creek is a beautiful creek that flows to Woodridge Lake.  However, the creek has been problematic  from Wilson Hill Road to the lake flooding adjoining properties and the Shingletown Library.  The County obtained permission from all owners requesting that Ash Creek be cleared and cleaned of debris and brush chocking the water flow.  In response to this request, an effort was underway to clear the creek of garbage and overgrowth to allow it to run freely once again to the lake.  During this clearing, several transient camps were discovered and were requested to vacate the private property.  Shortly after the clearing was in progress, all the good that was going on has been abruptly stopped by one resident of Shingletown who found it necessary to report this activity to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Most of Shingletown residents know who this person is and wonder why he found it so necessary to stop progress.  As we understand, tires, cans, bottles, dirty diapers, etc. have been clogging the creek.  Who in their right mind would want to leave all this garbage in such a beautiful creek. More importantly, why has the Department of  Fish and Wildlife allowed the creek to fill-up with garbage and done nothing about it.  A number of us are repulsed by this one person’s actions.  So, we need to ask the residents of Shingletown, are you planning to allow one person to dictate what you can and cannot do?  If you feel the same as a number of us do that Ash Creek should be cleaned and cleared, then we ask you to call the Department of Fish and Wildlife at (888) 334-2258 or (530) 510-1227 or email Rich Wharton at and register a complaint that they need to do their job.

Concerned Ash Creek Neighbors