On Monday March 28th 2016, at 1045 hours the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office responded to an attempt robbery in the area of Millville Plains and Nobles Trail Rd. The victim, Charles Balding, reported he was walking his dog near a dry creek at Millville Plains Road and Dersch Road. A male adult, who was later identified as Martin Racle, approached Balding and asked him for a ride, to use his cellular phone and for the keys to his vehicle. Balding refused and walked back to his truck.

Balding got to his truck and found Racle trying to open the truck’s camper shell door. Racle again demanded Balding’s cellular phone and vehicle keys. Balding refused and went to get into his truck through the driver’s side door. As Balding unlocked the truck’s door, Racle grabbed Balding by the shirt sleeve and pulled him away from the truck tearing a portion of the shirt sleeve. Balding, fearing for his safety, shoved Racle backwards and quickly got into his truck and locked the door. Racle ran to the passenger side window and began punching the glass with his fist, in an attempt to break the window. Racle was screaming, “Give me the keys! I’m going to knock you out!” as he was beating on the window.

Balding started his truck and sped away from the area while calling SHASCOM to report the incident. Deputies responded to the area and found Racle walking on Dersch Road. Racle claimed his car had broken down so he approached Balding and asked him for a ride. Balding refused to give Racle a ride and nothing further happened. Racle was taken into custody and booked into the Shasta County Jail for Attempted Car Jacking 664/215 PC and for violating his Parole conditions.

Racle was found to be on Parole with two prior convictions for Robbery and one for Burglary.